10 Ways Being a NEW PARENT is Like Being New to BARRE



1. Yup, just winging it!


2.  The first few months are pure torture.


3. My impression is that everyone else seems to really know what they are doing.


4. Definitely trying to take your advice, but it’s just not quite working the same way for me…


5. You don’t realize your strength, until you’re put to the test.


6. Before: Scared, nervous, anxious and don’t know what to expect.

In the thick of it: Just confused.


7. Didn’t realize how expensive it was going to be.

But, it’s worth every cent.


8. Right when I think I’ve got a minute to rest…. sike!!


9. The more time goes by, the more “aha!” moments there are.


10. Sometimes I have an overwhelming urge to want to quit. But I don’t.


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