15 Second Tutorial: Cutting Baby T-Shirt Into Stylish Top!



I got this shirt off of Etsy (Zoey’s Attic) for Father’s Day a couple years ago. It has a matching “I Make Adorable Babies” adult shirt for my hubby. He still wears his but Jackson outgrew the baby shirt years ago. I kept it for my next child because it was so cute!


My second child happened to be a girl and she just became big enough to fit into the shirt… it did look a little boring though. Soooo, I decided to get my scissors out! (Video tutorial below)



    1. Cut the bottom, the sleeves and the neck hole off
    2. Cut thin strands at bottom at least 1.5 inches long (to give you enough space to tie the knots)
    3. Pull on all of the strands to stretch them out a bit
    4. Take 2 strands and knot them together near the top
    5. Pull on the two strands and then pull again tugging them in opposite directions
    6. You can stop here OR you can cut a slit into the straps and tie them together into a bow






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