New Family Tradition: Lights OFF & Unplugged!


  Last night we had a lovely “honeymoon”… literally the “Honey Moon” was out (details on the Honey Moon in case you’re wondering - it will still be pretty spectacular tonight. It’s the perigee.) but it was also a feeling of being on honeymoon because we took part in the “Hō’ā i ka lama Lights Out… Read More


Photo: BG Boyd

  The June full moon is called the “Honey Moon” because it stays close to the horizon which makes it appear to have a warm tint. This is due to the scattering of longer wavelengths of light through dust, pollution and other particles in our atmosphere toward the red end of the spectrum. The most… Read More

FOODIE FRIDAY: Ramen Nakamura in Waikiki


  My hubby and niece started yelping places to eat while we were at the Miss Hawaii pageant in June. At 10:30pm there are choices but definitely less choices than if you have dinner at a normal time! lol For this place, however, going at an odd time is a good thing. It’s tiny! Probably… Read More

Mommy Monday: Goodbye infant crib!


My son is a monkey! He climbs EVERYTHING. It started with climbing from the couch over to his high chair. Which totally freaked me out. I turned away for a split second and he’s on his tray table!     Then it was his musical table… at least this one wasn’t as dangerous or as… Read More

FOODIE FRIDAY: Tahitian Poisson Cru in 7 EASY steps

Delicious "Poisson Cru" Recipe

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE poisson cru! Literally the French name translates to “poisson” = “fish” and “cru” = “raw” … sooo it’s “raw fish” but it’s also so much more! Sashimi is awesome and so is poke (pronounced poh-kay) but the Tahitians came up with a tangy, zesty, fresh, healthy way… Read More