24 Hours on Oahu!

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The New Baby Expo has been asking me to represent them as their spokesperson for several years now but I’ve been living on neighbor islands. This year, I told them “well if you fly me over… I’d be happy to!” So they did. Waipuna’s first time on TV and first time modeling too!


It’s always such good fun to be back in studio with my friends. Some have moved news stations and changed positions but they’re all still the same humble, down-to-earth folks they’ve always been. It was an awesome day of visiting with friends on Oahu too! Waipuna was tired but had a blast as well :)


Here’s my snapchat feed from the day! A little insight into how I spend my days and nights! Itinerary: Mother’s Day dinner, sleeping on the couch/floor, did my hair at 11 p.m., waking up at 4 a.m. to do make-up, schlepping stroller/carseat/bags up stairs, KITV4 studios – ran into Ramsey Wharton, John Yasunaga and Jai Cunningham outside the front doors (breaking news teams happened to be covering a story outside), Moanikeala Nabarro and I had the same hairstyle going on, princesses showed up, we went live with KITV, took a nap in the car in the Safeway Mānoa parking lot, Starbucks at 7 a.m., Hawaii News Now at 8:30 a.m., visited with my friends/former co-workers, shot our video interview for the New Baby Expo, visited some more, Longhi’s for lunch with Yunji De Nies, Donalyn, Anna and Tannya Joaquin, Ala Moana cruising, visit with Uncle Lani, visit with the Tabura girls, drop off rental car, get to airport, fly home, heartfelt greeting by Jackson… yeah, it was a full day!



KITV4 Interview



Hawaii News Now Interview






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