5 Tips to Sleeping Comfortably While Pregnant

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My 5 tips to sleeping comfortably while pregnant! It took me a while to figure this out for my first pregnancy but I was prepared when I became pregnant with my second. Almost immediately, I started using these tips to stay comfortable and prevent some of the uncomfortable nights I had the first go round.


Here it goes!



It’s important your room is at a comfortable temperature. If it’s too hot, you’ll be uncomfortable no matter what and if it’s too cold (well lucky you!) adjust the temperature if you can or just get some good comfy blankets.



I was nauseous through my first trimester and now that I’m in my third trimester heartburn is starting to make me feel nauseous once again. One thing that is good for us all day long every day? Water! I keep water with me at all times but in the middle of the night it’s a lifesaver. It helps with nausea and dehydration. If I’m not feeling so good I’ll sometimes sniff my lemon, ginger or wild orange (my favorite) oils or put a dab under my nose – sometimes I even add it to my water. (PS – I’m not a DoTerra consultant but can point you in the right direction if you need one) Crackers help with nausea and lip balm is a necessity for the nightstand to prevent dry, cracked lips.



This one I did immediately! Keeping your head above your tummy is key to preventing heartburn and nausea. It’s barely perceptible but makes a huge difference. Elevate to whatever height is best for you by sticking something under the mattress at the head of your bed. You can also sleep on top of the bed on a wedge like the one pictured above. Click here for a link on Amazon.



Pillows are KEY. I live and die for my wedge pillows! I got them on Amazon (here’s a link or click on the pillow above) and have used them through both of my pregnancies. When I go to get a prenatal massage or travel – they are small enough to fit in the suitcase or my bag which makes it quite convenient. I put one wedge beneath my tummy, one beneath my back as lumbar support and a body pillow between my legs, knees and ankles to keep my hips in alignment.




This one I read about in some pregnancy research / literature. Apparently it’s best to sleep on your left side if you have really bad heartburn. I always start the night on my left since that’s when the nausea / heartburn affects me the most and usually will flop back and forth like a giant whale throughout the night. lol


Hope these tips help! Have a good night’s rest!!


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