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FOODIE FRIDAY: Ramen Nakamura in Waikiki


  My hubby and niece started yelping places to eat while we were at the Miss Hawaii pageant in June. At 10:30pm there are choices but definitely less choices than if you have dinner at a normal time! lol For this place, however, going at an odd time is a good thing. It’s tiny! Probably… Read More

Mommy Monday: Goodbye infant crib!


My son is a monkey! He climbs EVERYTHING. It started with climbing from the couch over to his high chair. Which totally freaked me out. I turned away for a split second and he’s on his tray table!     Then it was his musical table… at least this one wasn’t as dangerous or as… Read More

FOODIE FRIDAY: Tahitian Poisson Cru in 7 EASY steps

Delicious "Poisson Cru" Recipe

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE poisson cru! Literally the French name translates to “poisson” = “fish” and “cru” = “raw” … sooo it’s “raw fish” but it’s also so much more! Sashimi is awesome and so is poke (pronounced poh-kay) but the Tahitians came up with a tangy, zesty, fresh, healthy way… Read More