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Mommy and me yoga is something I’ve done with both of my keiki. I’ve been desperately searching for a good yoga studio to go to with Waipuna here on Maui that isn’t too far from where I live…. fortunately, I found one! (Thanks to the Maui Mommies Group on Facebook – Mahalo!)


The class is located right across the street from Native Intelligence on Main in Wailuku. I usually park on Market and walk across the street. There are two entrances. One on Market and one on Main. The only challenge is that the studio is on the second floor and there are no elevators and a GIANT flight of stairs. LOL – I actually feel quite accomplished when I manage to schlep all of my baby gear, car seat, yoga mat, etc… up the stairs alone. Small victories!


The studio is small and intimate. There are usually four or five moms with our little ones. The fans are going full blast and everything is set up when you arrive. The teacher is AH-MAZING. Love her. She has children herself and has a unique understanding of what postpartum mommies need. I love that if baby is being fussy, she comes over to pick the child up and soothe them. :) love that.


The class itself is a beginner yoga class. If you have no experience with yoga, you will do just fine. If you are an experienced yogi, you will still get a nice practice in. You don’t hold baby in every pose. You have the option to either hold them, put baby beneath you (in plank for example) or simply let them crawl around or lie beside you.


Personally, I enjoy holding baby and connecting with her through yoga but you could do the entire practice with baby on the floor if that’s what you want (need) to do. The environment is very supportive and encouraging. Mommies nurse openly throughout class and can take breaks whenever they please. I posted some photos below :)


Another 6 week series is coming up at Body Alive Yoga!


Here are the details: 

Dates: August 15 to September 26

Day/Time: Mondays from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Cost: $75 for Series; $15 Drop-in

Contact: / 808 359 1060 / 1995 Main Street in Wailuku (2nd floor)

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