Baby Pig Tails – Finally Found the Perfect Elastics!

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**WARNING: Never leave baby unattended wearing small elastics, hair ties, bows or other accessories because it is a very REAL choking hazard! I had a babysitter put her down with a clip in her hair and she choked on it. SUPER SCARY moment for me… Blog: How I Saved My Baby From Choking - I mention it in the Vlog below for when baby goes to sleep but now I also pull her hair out if we are in the car or anywhere where she is unattended.**


My baby girl was born with A LOT of hair! Wai has long hair and it’s super fine. I was using small black elastics at first, but I had to wrap them a million times just to get them on. Baby is constantly squirming so it wasn’t very efficient and she started to get frustrated with me. Today I went to Target and bought a box of ouchless Goody elastics. Verdict? They are PERFECT! I treat them as “single use” elastics. After you stretch them out one time they pretty much break the next time you use them but I don’t care. They work perfectly for my purposes.



I love putting bows in Waipuna’s hair but they always slide off so clipping them over the elastic is ideal. I like the elastics with a bunch of colors because when I don’t have a bow or clip I can match them to her clothing. The clear ones are nice too because they go with everything. I put a couple of links below to the elastics that I got. Mine didn’t have a case like the ones at the link below so I’m ordering those too because right now the elastics end up all over the house! lol Hope this helps you! I went through trial and error to find them and they are perfect!


Here is a link to the colorful Goody Elastics ($3.50 for 100) | Or click here if you prefer the clear ones ($4.99 for 260)





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