BEHIND THE SCENES: Joe Manganiello at Maui Film Festival



It’s a SMALL world! A couple months ago I went to LA to be a contestant on Hollywood Game Night (click on the link to view episode)… Joe Manganiello was on the week prior! (Here is his episode) We literally were ships passing in the night. Crazy to think that I was so close to being on the show with him… how awesome would it have been to then randomly see each other again at the Maui Film Festival as I did interviews for MAUIWatch?! Well, that didn’t happen BUT it was pretty great to chat with him at the Taste of Chocolate about the show and how much fun we both had playing games. We both agree that Jane Lynch is a gem! Joe also mentioned that his week on Maui was like Christmas. He gets honored with the “Triple Threat” award and his movie “La Bare” is being screened on Friday night at 10pm. I think he was eager to get to the good part and open the presents!




The sunset that evening from the Grand Wailea was amazing. It was getting dark before Joe finished all the rest of his interviews and headed my way. I was getting nervous because I had this master plan all along to get a photo with Joe kissing me on the cheek. It was dependent on his personality. If he was standoffish and serious – I wasn’t going to ask. But if he seemed welcoming – I was going to go for it! About 30 seconds after saying hello… I went for it! And he obliged! (check out the video)… what you don’t see is that my camera flash was off so the first photo was totally ruined and I had to ask him to kiss me on the cheek AGAIN for the second photo. Which still didn’t have flash but by now I was uncomfortable and didn’t want to have to ask for him to do it again. lol This was the result… a slightly blurry but AWESOME “kiss on the cheek” shot!




I also had a list of questions to ask Joe but I was not allowed to ask personal questions. I always start the interviews with their impressions of Maui and then move on to the award that they are receiving. Then, I ask a few questions sent in by my MAUIWatch & Facebook peeps. I had 4 of these types of questions… I had already promised his handlers that I would only use 3-6 minutes of his time but Joe had other plans! Fortunately, it was dark so I couldn’t see whoever it was trying to make me wrap it up. Regardless, I knew we were in a time crunch so I was only able to get to two of them in. The last question was kind of like the “kiss on the cheek” thing… I was gonna feel him out first. If I thought he would actually do it, I would ask him. Joe totally blew me away with his humility, intelligence, sense of humor and kind personality. I went for it! I asked him to growl like his character on “True Blood” and he did! It was AWESOME.




I know I seem like a school girl with a crush in this interview but… oh who am I kidding, yes I absolutely was! I’m happily married and love my husband. Just thought I’d throw that in ;)


Behind the Scenes video + Official interview for MAUIWatch



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5 Responses

  1. Kelly says

    Yay! you got him to growl for me!!! hahahahahaha! I didn’t think you were gonna ask him, but I’m so glad you did! :)

  2. Tannya says

    Growl! Fun interview:)

    • Malika says

      SUPER fun and totally took me by surprise!

  3. Kathy says

    Malika you were so cute and giddy! Even though you didn’t get to my question you did a fabulous interview with Joe!

    • Malika says

      Thanks Kathy! I have no idea where the giddiness came from… ;) lol