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Snow Vacation in Canada!


  This was our first time doing a snow vacation with our little guy and we were nervous. International travel is hard enough but we were exposing him to cold weather, altitude and snow for the very first time. The plane ride actually isn’t too bad! Pretty much the same as a typical flight to… Read More

Oahu’s Secret Spots


  This was one of my favorite assignments when I was working at the news. My boss told me he wanted me to go up in a helicopter… I’m afraid of heights so I was a little wary of the assignment. I accepted the “challenge” and headed to the airport with my photographer Brenton Awa… Read More

This Information About The OCEAN Can Save Lives.


  My father has said it time and time again… “It’s not IF, but WHEN.” He usually says it with regard to tsunami events but it’s true of ALL natural hazards. Growing up with my dad, the oceanographer, every day at the beach started with a safety “briefing” … looking at currents, tsunami escape routes,… Read More

The Heart at the Nakalele Blowhole


  The first time I saw a photo of the heart in the rock at Nakalele Blowhole – it blew me away. I thought maybe it was fake. A spot like this couldn’t actually exist in real life! The photo was posted on Facebook and the comments were interesting – some people said it was… Read More

Swimming with Sharks & Rays – The video is UP!

A spectacular, amazing, once-in-a-lifetime, breathtaking experience… the video says it all. #blessed #Tahiti #swimmingwithsharks #lifesswell #swellsaturday In case you’re interested in my Tahiti Adventure – here are all of the related blogs I wrote Tahiti Day 1: Farmers Market & Tama’ara Tahiti Day 2: Recipe for Perfectly Burnt Rice Tahiti Day 3: Swimming with sharks… Read More

FOODIE FRIDAY: Tahitian Poisson Cru in 7 EASY steps

Delicious "Poisson Cru" Recipe

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE poisson cru! Literally the French name translates to “poisson” = “fish” and “cru” = “raw” … sooo it’s “raw fish” but it’s also so much more! Sashimi is awesome and so is poke (pronounced poh-kay) but the Tahitians came up with a tangy, zesty, fresh, healthy way… Read More