Coconut Curry Sweet Potato Cilantro Soup!

sweet potato soup

Every Friday morning, I get a giant veggie box – it’s actually the small size at 9 lbs. – from Island Fresh Delivery delivered to my door. My box always has something different in it… here is last week’s box.


veggie box
Lately I’ve been getting several sweet potatoes and Maui onions every week. It’s been about three weeks and the sweet potatoes and onions have started to pile up! ha ha! Soooo I posted this photo (below) on my Facebook page and asked my friends what I should do with it. Although it’s super hot and muggy today, for some reason the soup option jumped out at me (below).




I sent the rest of the grocery list to my hubby (above) so he could pick up supplies at the market on his way home and began to prep this recipe. (Yes, he sends me weather shots every chance he gets! love him.) The recipe is actually by a lady in the United Kingdom so the measurements and some of the ingredients were specific to that region of the world and what they have available. I ended up tweaking the recipe a bit to fit my needs. :)


The end result was DELICIOUS! So in general, follow her recipe HERE. But, you can also take into consideration my notes and tweaks which I’ll outline below.


First of all, the whole point of making this recipe was to use my sweet potatoes. The soup in the photo on her recipe does not look like mine because we used different types of sweet potatoes. The varieties that came in my box were Okinawan sweet potatoes and Stokes purple sweet potatoes. I chose to use the Stokes.


stokes purple potato


What else did I do differently? Well, the hubby couldn’t find a red chili at the store so we left that part out and I wanted to use more potatoes – since that was the whole point – so I used 3 stokes potatoes instead of the recommended 2 sweet potatoes.




After you add the Thai red curry to the onion (I used three small Maui onions instead of what was recommended in the recipe) garlic, ginger and oil (I used olive oil instead of the sunflower oil in the recipe) – it looks kinda gross. lol But, don’t let that stop you! It smells delicious and the end result is delectable!




What you see above are the ingredients I ended up using instead of what was in the recipe. The veggie broth measurement was in metric units and the coconut milk was some special packet you get in Europe (I guess)… I didn’t know what to do about that – so I pretty much ignored what was in her recipe and dumped the entire box of veggie broth and an entire can of coconut milk into the pan with the onion mixture and added my chopped up Stokes purple sweet potatoes. Again, it looked pretty gross…




See!!! ha ha! But again, it still smelled delicious! I followed the next step in the recipe which was to cover and cook for 30 minutes. I checked the potatoes and they were cooked through. Again, it looked gross! I had to keep reminding myself that it gets blended in the end!!




Then you put the mixture in a blender. I used my handy dandy Vitamix (Click here for a link to get free shipping on a Vitamix of your own & to see my favorite kitchen tools). The soup is HOT, so I covered it with a cloth just to be sure that it wouldn’t somehow burn me.




Of course, I forget to add the coriander – side note: I had no idea that coriander is the same thing as cilantro! Learned something new today! – so, I had to open the scalding hot blender and add it. Pulsed for another few seconds and voila! <I LOVE cilantro so I added two handfuls instead of the recommended one handful, I got so excited I forgot to leave a couple sprigs for garnish – so don’t do what I do, do what I say. lol! Keep a couple leaves to make it pretty>




I also forgot to add the 1/2 a lime into the soup. Some people don’t like that though so I convinced myself I actually did that on purpose – albeit subconsciously – so that anyone that partakes can add some lime if they so choose. The soup is super hot when served right away and has a nice kick to it. Honestly, I don’t think I would add the red chili in if I had the choice. It had plenty of “heat” without it. We had our soup with avocado and the mixture was heavenly! It got the thumbs up from the hubby! Plus, it was filling enough that we each only had one bowl and ended up freezing the leftovers for dinner another night.




And I liked it a little too ;) Can you tell? … Life’s Swell!







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