Cut An Onion WITHOUT Crying!



Super easy way to cut an onion. It’s faster too so you don’t end up in tears! Obviously, cutting is not my forté – I have absolutely NO knife skills of any kind! lol It’s amazing I don’t chop my fingers off BUT I guess that just highlights even more how easy it is to do it this way! lol

Check out the one minute video below :) Happy onion cutting! #malikasminute #foodiefriday #lifesswell





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6 Responses

  1. Marko says

    OMG scary, please sharpen that knife!
    ‘a dull tool is a dangerous tool’
    Its so cringeworthy watching you force that dull blade through that onion.
    Glad all your digits are still attached to your hand.

    Sharpen and do a ‘Take 2′

    • Malika says

      I know. I’m TERRIBLE at knife skills! Will sharpen it up for sure!

  2. Blaine says

    I almost cried watching your knife skills :)…glad you didn’t cut your hand

    • Malika says

      lol Blaine! I know! I’m obviously no trained chef which highlights how simple and fast this technique is! I’m so clumsy and lack skills of all kinds… I constantly marvel at how I still have all of my limbs!

  3. Kimi Evans says

    I’ve worn Ski goggles before too! It worked for me!

    • Malika says

      That’s a GREAT idea Kimi!