ISELLE & JULIO are headed our way and we’re all hoping for the best – the least amount of storm effects possible but we should all also prepare for the worst. Here is some information on how to determine whether you should evacuate your home or not.


Should you evacuate?

Information about which areas should be evacuated will be broadcast over the Emergency Alert System (EAS) on your radio or local TV. Evacuation instructions are issued with your safety in mind. Compliance is voluntary, but orders are given only in the most serious of circumstances. If your area is advised to evacuate and you are unable to do so, immediately inform the authorities of your situation. If you area is not advised to evacuate, you may still report to the designated shelter closest to your location based on your discretion (Are you in a flood area? Can your home withstand a tropical cyclone? Where will you feel the safest? Is your home located along a ridge line exposed to strong winds?)


Determine if you’re in a flood area.

Flooding can be associated with living near a body of water such as an ocean, stream, river, or reservoir. To determine whether you are in a high- risk flood area, look at the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Flood Maps.
Click HERE for a link to that resource. You can enter your address or zip code to find out if your home is in a flood risk area.
Here are a couple of maps of low-lying coastal areas - MAUI  - MOLOKAI & LANAI


Can my home withstand a tropical cyclone?

I won’t go into all the details in this blog but HERE is a GREAT resource for how to determine whether your home is a safe place to shelter-in-place. It’s the “Homeowners Handbook” to Natural Disasters developed by the University of Hawaii’s Sea Grant College Program.

What should you bring to a shelter?

  • Identification & important papers including driver’s license, special medical information, insurance policies, and written or videotaped property inventories.
  • Your Evacuation Emergency Supply Kit – Also, you should bring whatever you need to sleep comfortably, extra clothing and quiet games, books or other things to keep you (and your kids) occupied.
  • Cash
  • Make sure you have a full tank of gas
  • DO NOT BRING: alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, weapons and too many personal possessions.


Know where your nearest Hurricane shelter is.


Click HERE for the full list of Maui County shelters (THEY WILL NOT ALL BE OPEN DURING ANY OPEN EVENT). Keep in mind, for this event <ISELLE> ONLY THE ONES BELOW will be open at 1pm on Thursday August 7, 2014 to the public. If the storm warrants the opening of more shelter locations (REFER TO FULL LIST FOR POSSIBLE OTHER SHELTER LOCATIONS THAT COULD BE OPENED IF SITUATION WARRANTS – AGAIN THEY ARE NOT ALL *OPEN* AS SHELTERS IN EVERY EMERGENCY EVENT), the media will announce those as they occur.


Click HERE for a link to the full list for all islands. (AGAIN, THEY WILL NOT ALL BE OPEN DURING ANY OPEN EVENT). Keep in mind, for this event <ISELLE> ONLY THE ONES BELOW will be open for the ISELLE storm event. The ones below have already been announced by the individual counties, should more shelters be needed they will be announce through the media as that occurs.



Laupahoehoe School

Kohala High & Elementary

Kealakehe High (pet friendly)

Konawaena High (pet friendly)

Hilo High (pet friendly)

Waiakea High (pet friendly)

Keaau High (pet friendly)

Pahoa High & Intermediate (pet friendly)

Honokaa High & Intermediate (pet friendly)

Kau High (pet friendly)

Waikoloa Elementary



Campbell High School 

Kaimuki High School (pet friendly)

Kaiser High School

McKinley High School

Castle High School

Mililani High School

Pearl City High School (pet friendly)

Waialua HighSchool/Intermediate (pet friendly)

Nanakuli High School/Middle (pet friendly)

BYU-HAWAII (pet friendly)





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