First Passport for Baby – As Easy as 1, 2, 3!



**Through August 2016, there are several dates on Maui where the Honolulu Passport Agency will be conducting “Passport Acceptance Fairs” – click here for details.**


Once you have your supporting documents, getting a passport isn’t very difficult. The hard part is getting an appointment! Here on Maui, the next available appointment is often months out. Unless you’re willing to call every day to see if someone has cancelled their appointment and then flexible enough to make it to the appointment – you just need to plan ahead.


I had some issues (maybe more like mommy brain / misunderstanding) when it came to getting my birth certificate and social security card for my baby so the process took much longer for me. HERE is my blog about getting a birth certificate in Hawaii. And HERE is my blog about the process for getting a social security card. I documented my ordeal with a little vlog too. You can check it out below :)



As far as the passport goes, I haven’t yet been to my appointment but I have received an email from the passport office so I’ll share that information with you now and update this blog if any other details pop up after the fact. Here is the phone number for the passport office at UH-Maui >> 808-984-3474. Click HERE for a link to the passport application that you will need to download, print out and fill in. 


Here is a list of what you will need when you go in to your passport appointment:
- Passport Application (make sure you read all instructions, complete, and DO NOT SIGN IT)
- 1 Passport photo
- ORIGINAL State /Vital Records Birth Certificate (NOT the hospital one)
- Copy of drivers license (back/front) (will NOT accept the Temporary Issued)
- Bring your actual drivers license
- Marriage License (ONLY if married and last name does not match your birth certificate and ID)


Book: $110 Adult | $80 Minor up to age 15
Card: $30 Adult | $15 Minor up to age 15
(MUST be in check – personal, money order, or a bank check)
Execution Fee: $25 (must be in CASH)



Expediting Fee (RUSH): $60 additional
(MUST be in check – personal, money order, or a bank check)

If you are reading this looking for information on renewing a passport, click HERE for a link to the documents you will need and information on how to go about doing that. Renewals can be done by mail if you meet all of the criteria they detail at the link.






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