Frank De Lima’s Filipino Christmas Song

frank de lima christmas song

In the spirit of Christmas I thought I would share with you that one time I was Frank De Lima’s back-up singer for his Filipino Christmas song. He does a Christmas show every year and came on Sunrise on Hawaii News Now to promote it. Steve Uyehara says it’s not the holidays without this song! lol


Frank’s Bio from his website >> Frank De Lima is one of Hawaii’s most popular and beloved comedians. For more than 30 years, this award-winning comic has been entertaining local residents and tourists alike with his zany parodies, outrageous sense of humor, and spontaneous creativity. Frank’s specialty is translating issues – such as current events, fads, attitudes, and people – into fresh musical parodies.


Comedy has been ingrained in Frank’s life since childhood. While growing up in Pauoa Valley on the Island of Oahu, Frank realized that he had a natural talent for making family and friends smile, especially at themselves.


After receiving his graduate degree from St. Patrick’s Seminary & University in California, Frank returned home and started his professional career – as a singer. By successfully combining his singing talents with his propensity for comic satire, Frank soon became one of the hottest tickets in Hawaii’s entertainment scene.


Through the years, Frank – along with his musical sidekick duo of David Kauahikaua and Bobby Nishida – has headlined nightclubs, performed at sold-out concerts and events throughout Hawaii and along the West Coast, and produced numerous audio & visual works. Thus far, Frank’s catalog includes three videos and 13 comedy albums – 11 of which have won the coveted Na Hoku Hanohano Award, which is Hawaii’s GRAMMY equivalent.


In case you’re wondering, here are the lyrics (Got it from a Tagalog thread on Yelp! Even with the lyrics I still don’t really understand the song but it sure is popular at Christmas time!):


Makadangdang soyout billy goat dangalagala bout bout (bout bout)
Galagala billygoat tala billy boy sue sala silly toy too
Makadangdang soyout billygoat dangalagala bout bout (bout bout)
Galagala billygoat tala billy bot sue sala silly toy too
Balut balut balut ditoy eat calamoonguy yot soy barrrrrrang di toy
Bagaong bagaong bagaong di toy eat calamoonguy ottot TAK! Ung dagadangbarrrrrang dang dang ditoy
Makadangdang soyout billy goat dangalgala bout bout (bout bout)
gal gala billygoat tala billy boy sue sala silly toy too


Life’s Swell! #lifesswell




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