Grandma’s Simple Chocolate Chestnut Rum Cake

Chestnut cake with Chocolate Frosting


Here is the video recipe for Pénélope’s grandma’s chocolate chestnut cake – less than 5 minutes long! :) Easy recipe! Enjoy!!




Chestnut cream (Crème de marrons) – 1 can (Most grocery stores in the US don’t sell this but you can get it on Amazon for $11.00 by clicking HERE – trust me, it’s worth it!)

<My cousin made a suggestion! If you are adventurous you can try to find a store that sells chestnuts and make the cream yourself :) Click HERE for a link to a chestnut cream/purée recipe.>

Eggs – 3 large

Flour – 1/3 cup

Baking powder – 1 cuillère a soupe (one spoonful – see video)

Rum - 1 cuillère a soupe (one spoonful)

Vanilla – 1/2 tsp

Butter 10 tbsp (+ for greasing pan)

Semi-sweet chocolate mini-morsels – 1/3 of the bag or about 120 grams


Handy kitchen items I LOVE:

9″ Cake Pan

Measuring Cups

Icing Spatula


Mixing Bowl

Small pot




Preheat oven to 320 degrees.

Either let butter get soft at room temperature or nuke it in the microwave.

Add chestnut cream and mix together.

Add the flour and the baking powder. Mix until smooth.

Add the eggs, rum and vanilla. Mix until smooth.

Grease your 9″ cake pan and coat with flour. Pour cake batter into pan.

Put in oven for 50 minutes at 320 degrees. Because ovens sometimes cook differently, put a knife through the middle to make sure it’s cooked. The knife should be clean. (You don’t want to go too much over the recommended time or the cake will be dry.)

Take a plate and put over the cake pan, flip onto plate. Let cool.

Frosting – Put a little bit of water into the bottom of a small pot (no more than a couple of spoonfuls) add chocolate and stir while chocolate melts. Mini morsels melt very quickly. Don’t stop stirring or it could burn. Take a spatula and pour the chocolate over the cake. Use your froster to spread out evenly. Garnish with strawberries or something fun of your choice.






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