Hawaiian Island Koa Wood Wire-wrapped Bracelet Tutorial




26 gauge wire – Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold Fill


Flush Cutters


Round Nose Pliers


Half Round Chain Nose Pliers


Thick Chain – Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold Fill


Lobster Clasp – Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold Fill


Jump Ring – Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold Fill


“Weird” Beads or shells like puka shells


Instructions (see video for tutorial):

  • Cut the chain to desired length of bracelet
  • Figure out the placement of your beads on the bracelet
  • Cut 4 inch pieces of 24 – 28 gauge wire (the same amount as the beads)
  • Take your round nose pliers and grasp the 4 inches piece halfway through, pinch the other side – repeat
  • String the loop through the bracelet, put the ends through the hole in the bead
  • Use half round chain nose pliers to grasp right below the loop and bring wire directly over the bead
  • Wire-wrap the end of the wire around the short neck you’ve just created several times
  • Cut the end with your flush cutters
  • Pinch the ends in with the half round chain nose pliers – repeat all steps for all beads
  • Make sure all beads are on the same side of the chain
  • Take jump ring and put one end of bracelet through the loop, do the same with the clasp, close jump ring
  • All done!





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2 Responses

  1. Annette Ahuna says

    How much for this bracelet? I wouldn’t mind getting one.