Healthy Alternative to Mashed Potatoes – ʻUlu!



I love this recipe! It’s SUPER filling… you don’t need to eat much to be completely stuffed! Like your turkey I suppose. ;) I started out with Executive Chef Goran Streng of the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki’s recipe and put my own twist on it. Here is the link to his recipe.


For me, I love it when my mashed potatoes are “chunky” and I’m not a huge fan of coconut flakes. That’s where my modifications came in.


ʻUlu (Breadfruit) – Enough to fill a 2.5 L bowl / About 4 cups unpacked
13.5 fl oz. can of Coconut Milk
Salt & Pepper


Sharp knife



Steamer (I use a pasta steamer because it has a deep basket so I can steam enough ulu for several dishes)

Wooden Spoon

Click here for the kitchen tools I can’t live without!

Peel your ʻulu with a sharp knife. Make sure to keep it wet, the ʻulu gets pretty sticky. Cut in half and then cut into chunks. The ʻulu we got did not have seeds, if yours does, scoop ‘em out. Put ʻulu pieces into a steamer for 20 minutes or until you can poke a knife through easily.


You can rough chop the pieces again after they are steamed or go directly to mashing with your masher. Put your back into it! ʻUlu is tough to mash. My friend actually pounds it like he would kalo (taro) – obviously that would give it a smooth consistency. Chef Goran uses a whip. The texture you want your mash to have is completely up to you!
While mashing with your masher add the coconut milk little by little. This will make the mashing easier and the ʻulu will start to absorb the coconut milk. You can also adjust the thickness of your mash by adding more or less coconut milk – again, up to you! Add salt and pepper to taste. Chop and mix in your chives to taste. Reserve a few on the side for garnish. Serve immediately. We had leftovers and it was just as good cold!


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