How I miss you…



Instead of a eulogy, her best friends were asked to share about Sarah in photos and happy memories…


We were silly girls… always side by side… whispering and giggling. Twenty years of friendship… birthday parties, gymnastics, plays, May Day, proms, graduation… you name it. I don’t remember a time, when Sarah’s big bright smile… wasn’t in my life.




When we were small, we were a little kolohe at times… pros at breaking and entering… into my house! I always forgot my keys! Through the window, it usually involved a ladder, a screwdriver and a game of jan ken po to decide who would brave the 5 foot drop from the window to the floor and unlock the door… even when I lost, Sarah usually volunteered, she always thought of others before herself. That’s something she got from her mom. One day, to save us from the bruises, we tried something different… the laundry shute… she was small, and I was tall… so I pushed her through the hole in the ceiling… and she got stuck!




These were the stories she loved to tell… if I listen closely, I can still hear her laughing. She always reminded me to “keep smiling because laughter is good for the soul.”




Sarah taught me loyalty and faithfulness… in little notes she used to slip me making sure i wasn’t left out of the senior group picture, in her year book messages that always encouraged and lifted my spirits… she was the person who literally held my hand through it all… Sarah was my constant friend… and my sister. As seniors, she wrote this in my yearbook… “I’ll be your friend for a life-time throughout the wind and the rain of every season.”




Memories I’ll always cherish… but, what I’ll remember most about Sarah is the feeling you got when you were with her… like your whole body, was just smiling…



Sarah, I miss you sooooo much… my heart aches.

Love Always,


(Sarah was the first person to call me “Lika” and I find it hard to have anyone else <besides my sisters> refer to me by that name. I always wanted a nickname when I was younger, so Sarah came up with one for me.)





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9 Responses

  1. Waipuna Laaba Abigail Judd – What’s in a Name? | Life's Swell says

    […] lost my best friend, Sarah, several years ago. It was the worst day of my life having to say goodbye to her. Her memory lives […]

  2. Anonymous says

    beautiful you all was in the days. love the shiny pink jacket

  3. Nina says

    Beautiful tribute to a beautiful person who is remembered and still loved by us all.

  4. Emily Dudley says

    Miss you Sara

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi Malika, this is ms Sharon from Papaikou from kc preschool, til today I still can’t believe that she’s not here. But I will cherish the moments of her with the time I spent with all of you in the after school program. You guys were my first and only gang that we had fun and yet performed the dinosaur rock at the Christmas program. Another time at my home slumber girls night and Sarah was sick and sad she couldn’t come. But later mom called and brought her then she didn’t wanna go home. So Malika I’m so glad that got to spend that time with Sarah and yet they were neighbors with my families in puueopaku. Thank you so much for sharing. She will and always be missed. You’re such a great and special friend to everyone. Take care!

    • Malika says

      Thank you for sharing these memories Ms Sharon… Sarah was my memory keeper – she remembered everything we did as little girls and would always remind me of the stories (I have a terrible memory) – one of the hardest things for me is that I feel like I didn’t just lose her but I also lost those memories… I have tears in my eyes as I write this. Thank you for sharing your memories. I honestly don’t remember but I can imagine it and it makes me smile through the tears. Thank you.

  6. suzie says

    What beautiful memories to share. Such an impact in so little time.
    Mahalo for sharing.

  7. Kathy Honda says

    Beautiful and touching tribute to Sarah. May I ask how she passed away? If it’s personal please don’t answer.

  8. Diane says

    A touching remembrance of a best friend.