gender reveal


My first child is a boy. But I thought he was going to be a girl. While pregnant, I had a VERY realistic dream about it and was CONVINCED. My best friend (Ash) was so convinced by my certainty, she bought a mountain of girl clothes – and had so much fun doing it! lol. Needless to say, they all had to be returned.


So this time around, I didn’t focus on it. Girl… boy… no matter. All we want is a healthy child.


“What do you want!?” people would ask. “I’m 50/50″ I would respond. Quite honestly, a boy would be easier. Been there, done that. I have all the clothes, the toys, etc… and hey, having two boys to be brothers and best friends was appealing.


A girl… well, scares me to death. I’m a girl. Puberty scares me. LOL Having said that, a girl would be exciting and new. Buying little girl clothes is WAY more fun and having “one of both” means we can officially call it quits on the baby-making. ;) he he…


blue or pink


I guessed I was having a boy (and even wore a blue pin at the gender reveal – see photo above) but Jackson was pretty convinced he was having a sister. Out of the dozens of times we asked him if he wanted a sister or a brother… only ONCE did he say brother. Everytime… even when we asked in French… it was “sister, soeur, girl”. :)



Kaimi had theories that I’m more nauseous this time around and the pregnancy is a little different so it must be a girl. They, along with nearly all of our friends were hoping, wishing, guessing GIRL.




We went to the ultrasound appointment on Friday morning and Kaimi was super worried that the doctor would spill the beans accidentally. It’s not their first rodeo. Gender reveal parties are very common these days and they actually have a sign they put on the door so that everyone that enters knows not to reveal the secret.


The ultrasound tech told Kaimi and I to look away and handed my bestie, Ash, a photo. From then on, we really couldn’t look or talk to her. Ha ha! We had already discussed the reveal party and decided to do a low key beach day with family and friends on Oahu the next day (neither of us could handle more than 24 hours of that suspense).


gender reveal envelope


Ash gave us a short list of ideas: balloons (not environmentally friendly at the beach), cake (fun, but pretty common), a piñata (super fun, but the kids would probably take over) and finally SILLY STRING. Perfect. I’d never heard of any friends doing it this way, it’s pretty easy to clean up, it’s fun & silly AND everyone gets to participate and find out all at the same time. Ash had bought 100 bottles! 50 of each color! Yes, she’s always prepared. Love her.


surfer girl or broncos boy


The wind was pretty strong so everyone made a half circle around us and aimed. My heart was in my throat. Kaimi held Jackson and we waited for Ash to say “It’s a…. <everyone sprays>!”


gender reveal


What a HUGE surprise! Tons of pink pelted our faces and bodies. I had my mouth open. Screaming in excitement. Probably should have anticipated the projectile strings headed for my throat and nostrils. I nearly choked, but it was WORTH IT. The reveal was perfect in every way.


gender reveal


If we could have changed anything, the only thing would have been to be able to have all of our close friends and family members there too. So we REALLY appreciate our friends/family in attendance for keeping the secret (especially in this social media age) until we could share the video and photos with our family members first. Mahalo!!


its a girl


PS – I have a confession … I bought a couple tiny bikinis the day before the reveal. Just in case :)
… and Ash finally got to buy those little girl clothes!!




It’s taking soooooo long to get in touch with my parents (on a cruise in Europe with no reception) that I started to edit together our reveal video and realized as I looked for songs to use that they are all copy written! YouTube and FB are both pretty strict about using other people’s songs sooooo Kaimi and I wrote a parody song “gender reveal” to No Doubt’s Just a Girl. 



Lyrics “Just A Girl” parody:

Take this ribbon off my eyes

It’s exposed and it’s a big surprise

So you think we knew exactly what we had

Either way, I would be a happy dad (Kaimi)


Oh It’s a little girl, a little ‘ol me

I won’t let her out of my sight (Kaimi)

Oh It’s a little girl, all pretty and petite

Turns out most of you were right


Oh… The suspense was up to here!


The moment that we stepped outside (Kaimi)

So many reasons for us to run and hide

You all sprayed pink silly string, oh my dear

I choked on that silly string, my worst fear


Oh it’s a little girl, due November thirty

Soon enough we’ll be up late at night (Kaimi)

Oh It’s a little girl, there was no boy streak

Baby two is a girl, use your eyes (show ultrasound)


Oh It’s a little girl, take a good look at me

I’m the typical Judd prototype


Oh… the girl is right in here! (point at belly)


Oh… are we making ourselves clear? (together)


It’s a little girl

A new little girl in the world…

She’ll be all that she-e can be! (pick up tempo)


It’s a little girl, living in captivity

Your big debut, makes me worry some

It’s a little girl, what’s your destiny?

We-can-only-hope-for… the be- est outcome


Oh It’s a little girl, no apologies

You’ll ne ver be burdensome

Oh It’s a little girl, lucky me

Twiddle-dum there’s no comparison


Oh… Jackson knew it!

Oh… we’ll get through it! (Kaimi)

Oh… can’t wait til you’re here! (together)







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