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I have not posted in quite a while… with the addition of the new job (doing weather and video projects), life has been hectic! Even though I’m working a lot, I can’t shirk my mommy duties. Jackson still has a super full schedule and as of late there’s been a significant uptick in the amount of laundry… Jackson has been having “accidents” in his bed! :p Sometimes, it’s a daily occurrence!




Anyhoo… a mommy on the Maui Mommies Facebook group posted a few days ago asking for recommendations on where to get laundry detergent for her baby. The brand she used was no longer being carried at the store she usually gets it from. That’s what prompted this short blog, so here it goes! lol




When Jackson was first born we switched detergents. All of the baby books tell you to get unscented, natural detergent so that baby’s skin doesn’t react. We promptly switched to this brand > ECOS. The cleaning agent is derived from coconut oil so it’s biodegradable and plant-based. No softeners, dyes or fragrances are added. It’s pH-balanced and recognized by the EPA for having “safer chemistry” (whatever that means) and it does NOT contain formaldehyde, phosphate, dioxane, surfactants or petrochemicals. < That's probably what it means. lol Anyhoo… I'm not OCD about using natural products but I do prefer to use them if I can. After using it for the first time, I didn't really notice the difference. Other than the fact that my clothes didn't have a scent anymore - something I actually really liked when I had it but I don't really miss it.  We bought it at the natural food store… it was expensive and we ran out pretty quickly. I don't know about you, but when Jackson was an infant I was a homebody so when we ran out I just used normal detergent to wash the next load of laundry.   rash


A few days later, he developed a red rash on his body. My hubby – who always thinks he’s right – says “Did you change anything? Laundry detergent, soap?” I was thinking Jackson might be sick or was having an allergic reaction to food. The hubby was right! … LOL I put clothing on Jackson washed with the ECOS… and the rash went away! Since then, it’s all we use.




I found this 5 gallon jug on Amazon and it lasted me TWO YEARS. No lie. I *just* ran out. The new jug was delivered to my door by FedEx this afternoon. Boy… it’s heavy. So, it’s fantastic that the shipping is free (even to Hawaii)! The one caution I would give is that it’s so heavy, it’s hard to lift. I tip the jug onto its side and pour or you could put it on a shelf up above since it has a spigot.




Anyway, that’s what I use and it’s worked great for my family. I’m kind of a rebel and I don’t separate my whites from my colors or blacks – I just throw everything in at once. I say it’s rebellious because those that know this about me are always shocked for some reason… I don’t get it. lol I’ve never had anything bleed and even highly soiled garments come out clean. Yay! Mommy’s best friend :)




Here are some of the specs:




HERE is a link to the item on Amazon. It’s $70 for a 5 gallon jug – the best value I’ve found thus far.





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2 Responses

  1. Asa says

    Miki and I have been using their dish washing soap in our kitchen and it works really great. We usually by it at Down to Earth but maybe I should check online to see if there are large sizes like your laundry soap. Maybe we should consider ordering the laundry and dish soap together…. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Malika says

      Amazon is my best friend. It’s such a production to get out of the house to buy necessities that Amazon is the first place I check. It comes to my door and I don’t have to shlep Jackson to the store! lol