Maman’s Easy French Pot-Au-Feu Recipe


Mom was in town so we decided to go live on Instagram and show you how to make the pot-au-feu recipe that I grew up eating. It’s comfort food. It’s savory. It’s delicious. And, it’s SUPER easy to make!




4 leeks

2 onions (poke 2 cloves into each of them)

Half a bag of baby carrots

Half a cabbage (cut in two)

Beef shank with bone and marrow (one or two cuts… more if you want more meat)

Coarse Salt / Pepper / Two Bay Leaves

You can also add turnips (cut in two) and celery (Cut into bite size pieces)



8 cups of water into the pot.

Clean and cut your veggies. Cut celery and carrot into two inch pieces. Cut cabbage, turnip in half. Keep potato, onion, leeks whole. Poke two cloves into each onion.

Throw veggies in pot. Keep potatoes out and meat.

Boil water then put the meat in.

Pressure cooker for 50 minutes or normal pot for an hour and a half.

Add potatoes for another 10 minutes if pressure cooker. If normal pot, for another twenty minutes or until the potatoes are cooked through.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you use a pressure cooker, follow directions CAREFULLY for your pressure cooker. THEY CAN BE DANGEROUS if not used properly.

Serve with butter. Bread is great with the marrow.




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