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Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 7.18.40 AM

Latest radar image at 7:19am   The stormy skies have arrived here in the islands. As a reminder, here are some safety precautions to take during flooding / tropical storm related weather events. Please be safe everyone Hawaii State Civil Defense PSA on Flooding & how to stay safe     Here are some Tropical… Read More

Lāhainā Noon


  Today, Lāhainā Noon occurred in Lahaina. Pretty cool yeah? At 12:33pm there were no shadows! (See Asa Ellison’s photo above) Allow me to explain…   Lāhainā Noon is a term used to describe the moment when the sun is directly overhead. This only happens in the tropics because the sun is never overhead anywhere else… Read More



 WEEKEND WEATHER / WALI UPDATE Trade wind weather is expected through Saturday morning with our typical morning and evening windward and mauka showers. Isolated showers for leeward areas with some windward moisture pushing into lee spots from time to time on our 15 – 20+ mph easterly winds. Highs upper 80′s to maybe even 90… Read More



  UPDATE: The National Weather Service has issued a FLOOD WATCH for all HAWAIIAN ISLANDS in effect from 6:00pm SATURDAY to 6:00pm MONDAY. (With the possibility of being extended if heavy rain persists)     ORIGINAL POST: According to the National Hurricane Center, ONE-C strengthened into a Tropical Storm WALI far southeast of the islands around… Read More

This Information About The OCEAN Can Save Lives.


  My father has said it time and time again… “It’s not IF, but WHEN.” He usually says it with regard to tsunami events but it’s true of ALL natural hazards. Growing up with my dad, the oceanographer, every day at the beach started with a safety “briefing” … looking at currents, tsunami escape routes,… Read More

Cut An Onion WITHOUT Crying!


  Super easy way to cut an onion. It’s faster too so you don’t end up in tears! Obviously, cutting is not my forté – I have absolutely NO knife skills of any kind! lol It’s amazing I don’t chop my fingers off BUT I guess that just highlights even more how easy it is… Read More

The Heart at the Nakalele Blowhole


  The first time I saw a photo of the heart in the rock at Nakalele Blowhole – it blew me away. I thought maybe it was fake. A spot like this couldn’t actually exist in real life! The photo was posted on Facebook and the comments were interesting – some people said it was… Read More

Surfing with Baby!


Jackson has been “surfing” for several months now but this is the first time he actually stood up on the board by himself. Granted, we weren’t riding a wave but he’s taking baby steps Of course mommy forgot to charge the GoPro (My first time out with it! We bought it THREE years ago!! Talk… Read More