Setting up the “Big Boy” room



It’s time. We’re in the middle of sleep training and other parents have been recommending a “big boy” bed for Jackson. Soooo we decided to dive in! I got rid of all of Jackson’s little baby toys, kept the ones that he plays with and moved his room around. Jackson is mildly obsessed with the movies “Cars” and “Planes” so we stuck to that theme when ordering the items for his new room. Jackson even helped us take his crib apart!




Disney “Cars” Toddler Bed - I love that the toddler bed takes the same mattress as the crib!

“Cars” bed sheets

“Planes” Toy Box

“Cars” Storage Bins

Toddler Easel

For now, that’s all we are switching out in his room… assembly took me an hour or two but it’ll all be worth it when – we hope – the “big boy” bed makes him EXCITED to go to bed (with Mater and Lightning) – wish us luck!






Here’s Jackson’s new “big boy” room! He loves it! It was greeted with squeals of “Lightning!” and “Mater!” So adorable.




Life’s Swell…




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