When I was pregnant with my son, I WISH I had a friend that gave me a list like this. Baby stuff, in particular, is so overwhelming! My husband and I read all of the books, compared safety ratings, brands and prices… hours and hours of research! It was exhausting.


The items below are all of the things we ended up getting for Jackson (that we liked). I have short reviews of the items right below them but please feel free to leave me a comment if you have any other questions. I build on these lists as we live our life – adding “my favorites” and even my least favorite items – to a DO NOT BUY list. ;) What I used to do was add a bunch of stuff to my cart and then from there I could “sort” it by moving things to a wish list, baby registry or buying it right away – at least they were all “organized” in one place (my shopping cart lol)!


Hopefully this will help you! …. Even if it’s just a place to start :)


PS – If you live in Hawaii – Most other registries charge for shipping but on Amazon you can pick and choose to make sure that when your friends/family buy things on your registry they don’t have to pay an additional shipping charge. I was really concerned about this and at first had a registry with Babies R Us but once I saw how much shipping costs were I switched over – I’ve been a die-hard  Amazon fan ever since!