Surf on the Sidewalk – Hamboards are in Hawaii!



I first saw Hamboards on “Shark Tank”… I’m a surfer so it definitely peaked my interest. Their story is so compelling… Pete Hamborg – “Dad” – is a firefighter in Huntington Beach. He has five sons who are all surfers – AND lifeguards. These guys save lives for a living and that’s awesome! Dad wanted to find a way to continue teaching his boys about surfing – but on land. He started designing skateboards trying to attain the “feel” of surfing. One day, one of his boys left a skateboard out in the driveway and their mother backed over it with the family station wagon… uh oh! But wait! …. She inadvertently “modified” the trucks and guess what?! Dad’s goal to make the ride feel like surfing was finally attained – a super happy accident! Pete was able to replicate the truck modification in future design models and their company took off. I was stoked to see this small family business on “Shark Tank” – fortunately for them, a shark bit and, as they say, the rest is history.




Hamboards Hawaii is one of their newest additions. Father and son team, Maui residents, Bob and Zack Graybosch approached the Hamborgs to see if they could get involved. Pete loved the idea of a father and son dynamic starting a small family business of their own and signed them up!




I’m proud to say that I’m now a part of the Hamboards Hawaii team. I wasn’t sure at first, but once I got on the boards and tried them out for myself – I was sold! It is ridiculous how much these skateboards truly ride like surfboards. There is a phenomenal similarity to surfing. I know, it’s hard to believe – but trust me! I had a blast carving big flowing turns, cross-stepping and hanging ten off the nose. For more experienced surfers, you can literally drive rail to rail hacks, do 360s and sliders! It’s crazy! Hamboards are not sold in surf and skate stores to preserve the person-to-person small business connection the company was founded on. If you want to try one of these boards out – let me know! I can also hook you up with a rep in your area or if you want to get one for yourself just click on the link below. Christmas orders are starting to pile up so get your order in quick! (The board I’m riding in the photos is the Huntington Hop – love it! And love that I can still carry it on the airplane even though it’s super long!)


To Order just click and add to cart! Easy!


I want a Hamboard!




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