SURPRISE! After 14 months we finally reunite with my parents!

mom and dad surprise

My parents are jet setters. We were born and raised in Hawaii but since my mom is from North Africa and my dad is from the east coast they love to travel and experience other countries and cultures. Their “retirement plan” includes living 6 months at their home in Fern Forest in the Puna district on the island of Hawaii AND 6 months at a ruin they remodeled in Néré France.


This past year, they decided to “connect” their two 6 month France trips with an extra 6 months in France. My siblings were living in France at the time so it made sense to be close to as many family members as possible, unfortunately the Judleys (us) were on the short end of the stick!! lol
My parents left Hawaii in May 2013 and we ended up doing a Euro trip in September of 2013 – Jackson was 10-months old. That was the last time I saw them! Before today!! While they were gone, my family and I (we affectionately call ourselves the Judleys – Judd + Dudley = Judley of course!) moved from the Big Island to Maui so when my parents returned home to the Big Island… we weren’t there.
They have a trip planned to stay with us on Maui in a few weeks but at the last minute the Judleys decided that after 14 months, 3 more weeks was just too long! We hopped on a flight to Hilo and arranged for one of my dad’s oldest and best friends, my uncle John Coney to pick us up. He and his wife Janet invited my parents to lunch – that was our cover ;) Auntie  Janet works at the Kilauea Lodge so we hid in her office while Jackson tore the place apart.
Finally, my parents arrived (a few minutes late – whew, they came to the right place!)… they were greeted by John and Janet and were about to sit down when we rounded the corner to surprise them. We didn’t even say “surprise!”… Jackson took off running and my mom looks at him with a super confused look on her face and says “Huh, I thought that was Poupounet” – that’s her nickname for Jackson ;) It was hilarious!!
She realizes it’s us and bursts into tears. My dad does too. Jackson meanwhile is making a beeline for the kitchen. Fortunately, one of the waitresses “caught him” and returned him to us. At first Poupounet was a bit shy with Mamie Ka and Papie Wa but it only took a couple of minutes for him to warm up.
Jackson will rarely “bisous” or kiss adults – I usually have to bribe him – but he gave Mamie and Papie each a kiss and hug. It was adorable. One minute later he was dragging my mother by the hand into the gift shop to show her the flashlights and butterflies.
They both said it was the best surprise of their lives… so I guess it was a success :) What an amazing day and wonderful weekend at home. #Lifesswell




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