TRAVEL CHANNEL: Making Ti Leaf Lei


This Travel Channel project is extra rewarding for me because I actually had a say in producing, field producing, location scouting and even scheduling everything! The original list was a little too “touristy” for me…

TRAVEL CHANNEL: Tandem Surfing


Many of my favorite memories are from days I spent with my hanai big brother Brian Keaulana. Brian is a wealth of information when it comes to anything to do with the ocean. The first day I met him, he taught me how to standup paddle, canoe surf and tandem surf.

TRAVEL CHANNEL: How it came to be!

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 12.29.16 PM

  Hey everyone! Earlier this month I was able to work with the Travel Channel on a show called “Top Ten Locals List” – it was such a blast! Soooo how did it all come about? A friend recommended me to the host who was choosing between a few people – something I did not… Read More



  A photo of an ulua choking on a puffer fish has gone viral this week. I interviewed the family that helped bring it to shore and spoke to a marine biologist about the event for some insight. #uluaVSpuffer     It was a hot, sunny Sunday in Kihei. A couple of fishermen were out… Read More

This Information About The OCEAN Can Save Lives.


  My father has said it time and time again… “It’s not IF, but WHEN.” He usually says it with regard to tsunami events but it’s true of ALL natural hazards. Growing up with my dad, the oceanographer, every day at the beach started with a safety “briefing” … looking at currents, tsunami escape routes,… Read More