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Hi everyone! Well, I have a  new job! Some people are scratching their heads… weren’t you already doing weather? I was. I volunteered my time at a local Facebook page doing daily weather reports and hurricane coverage for almost a year. It was fun but I really just did the daily reports in my spare time and sprung into action for severe weather coverage.


When the opportunity arose to continue doing weather but as a part-time job – I knew I had to at least consider it. Jackson is getting older and I am starting to get that itch to get back in the mix. Plus, the job offer was to do weather for not only the place I’m living now (Maui) but also for the Big Island (where I grew up)… that’s what really attracted me to the position.


Pacific Media Group has done a great job growing and from their infancy a few years ago to what they are today. MauiNow has been around longer than BigIslandNow and Wendy Osher is a name anyone in Maui County recognizes. She’s such a hard worker and has been the heart of MauiNow coverage since it began.


I was pretty overwhelmed the day I started… in the morning I was posting hurricane updates for MAUIWatch and in the afternoon I was posting them for MauiNow and BigIslandNow! My access to FB pages, email addresses, web posting, etc… completely changed over and I was flying from the seat of my pants! My new boss pretty much told me, we trust your judgment, run with it. So I did! I didn’t get to connect with my co-workers until several days after I started.


Wendy Osher is a doll. If you’ve met her or know her, you know what I’m talking about. She’s just about the sweetest person ever. No ego. No fronting. Super down-to-earth. Super hard working. Super supportive. Super genuine. I feel so lucky to be working with her!


About a week later I got to meet my co-workers on the Big Island as well. I was welcomed with the same feeling… everyone at Pacific Media Group has been so kind and amazing! If we didn’t have set meeting times we probably could have talked for hours! In fact, Gumby (Big Island’s radio super star – I remember listening to him on the radio in high school!) and I chatted for twice as long as we were allotted – ha ha! The guy is hilarious and so nice :) … it was a great day in my hometown of Hilo!


Since then, I’ve been doing daily weather and surf reports for both Maui County and the Big Island. Whenever a weather, surf, tsunami, hurricane, storm, wind, lava, earthquake, etc… alert pops up I also spring into action. It would be awesome if you guys could help support my new job (and make it look like my position is actually ‘needed’ lol) by bookmarking and / or AND “liking” Big Island Now & Maui Now on Facebook. You’ll get much more than just my weather updates. Both of these news organizations are reputable and 100% focused on the island(s) they cover. Mahalo!! I really appreciate it! Oh, and tell your friends about us!


Thank you to Erika Engle for writing a story about my new job in the Star Advertiser a few weeks ago! :)




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