This Information About The OCEAN Can Save Lives.



My father has said it time and time again… “It’s not IF, but WHEN.” He usually says it with regard to tsunami events but it’s true of ALL natural hazards. Growing up with my dad, the oceanographer, every day at the beach started with a safety “briefing” … looking at currents, tsunami escape routes, counting sets, etc… At the time, I rolled my eyes. lol – I was just a kid. As an adult, I fully understand the risks and take them seriously.


I’ve been fortunate enough to have a tsunami and ocean expert in the family to teach and guide me when it comes to ocean hazards. When I decided to get my Meteorology credentials… everything clicked. Knowledge is key. The more we know, the more likely we are to stay safe of hazards. My dad has devoted his life to natural hazard safety and I kind of got roped into it through affiliation. I’m thankful I did because it makes me feel like I have purpose. I’m a full-time mommy and jewelry designer but it feels great to put the Meteorologist hat back on and create educational tools that could perhaps save a life one day. As a mother, I totally get it now. I will definitely be giving my son, Jackson, safety “briefings” as soon as he can understand them!


This is the ocean safety portion of a video project I produced, wrote and hosted for Hawaii State Civil Defense. It was geared toward visitors to Hawaii and will soon be featured at airports, in hotels and even in the airplane on your flight to Hawaii. The information is very useful for residents too! I interviewed Jim Howe, the head of Ocean Safety on Oahu, for his advice and opinion on some of Hawaii’s ocean hazards and how to stay safe in and around the ocean. I learned so much from him! I didn’t want this interview to end! Enjoy! And hopefully you’ll learn something from him too :) #lifesswell #savealife #oceansafety #hawaii



PS – Never turn your back on the ocean.




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