TEN Games & Gadgets from Small Kid Time – You Remember?!



Throwing it back to small kid time… and my favorite games! What were yours??




1. Remember POGS?!

I don’t know about you but I had a HUGE pog collection and I remember all the boys gathering in a circle in front of the cafeteria before school to play. That’s probably why I had a collection, to be “in” with the boys. ha ha! Some of the “cool” kids had ‘pogtainers’ to hold their pogs but I just had a ziploc bag. :P  The name came from POG juice (passion-orange-guava) and is thought to have originated in Maui in the 1920′s or 1930′s  and re-popularized in the 1990′s by a teacher on Oahu (or so wikipedia says). 





2. Remember Chinese Jump Rope?!

10-20-30-40-IN-SPREAD-OUT-STEP! Ankles, knees, hips, waist, underarms, neck, one ankle, one knee, hips and turn sideways, waist and turn sideways, under arms and turn sideways, neck again and you’re the winna winna chicken dinna!! I remember praying the person wouldn’t be able to “step” the higher you went because some people had that scratchy elastic and it would hurt when the jumper stepped on it when it was around your neck or armpits. lol!


If you were lucky, mom got you the actual “Chinese Jump Rope” but most of us just stole the elastic from mom’s sewing kit and made our own yeah? lol And when you wanted to play but didn’t have enough players you used chairs, stools, poles, the table leg and anything else you could figure out! ha ha! Those were the days!





3. Remember Tamagotchi?!

Then of course there was the Tamagotchi characters – because we all wanted to be little “mommies” & “daddies” and keep our little guy alive… OR see what it would take to generate its demise.




 4. Remember M.A.S.H.?!

My friends and I LOVED playing M.A.S.H. (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House). You choose categories like the ones below and have your friend give you a list for each category then you do a little swirly and have them close their eyes and say stop. Count the lines in the swirl and that’s the “magic” number. Then you count to that number, let’s say it’s 8, so below we would go through all the letters of M.A.S.H., all of the husbands and cross out “truck”, then cross out “business man,” then cross out “apartment”… and so on, until you end up with just one item in each category and then you tell your friend her/his “FUTURE” – ha ha! Fun times!!






More fortune telling with the “Origami Fortune Teller!” I made one tutorial in case you when forget how to make em! You fold it up and then you write numbers or colors on the flaps and you go in & out the number of letters or the actual number on the flap until you land on the inner one and then you lift the flap and that’s your fortune. We used to put the name of boys we liked on the inside ;) ha ha!


fortune-telling-origami-tutorial fortune-telling-origami-tutorial-2



6. Remember the PAGER?!

Who could forget our tech devices! The Pager! Paging your bf “143″ or your friends the word “boob” – cuz it was fun, right? And trying to figure out what other words you could write out with upside down digital numbers. lol




7. Remember our latest TECH DEVICES?!

The Game Boy, Walkman and Desktop Computer with floppy disk drive all seem like ancient contraptions now-a-days – I mean look at them!





8. Remember the BOOM BOX?!

The Boom Box – double tape deck in my case – where you could press record to “tape” your favorite song off of the radio and then use your double tape deck to “clean it up” to make a mixed tape for your best friend / boyfriend / sibling. We had so much time on our hands back then! And patience!





9. Remember these CHARACTERS?!

Go back even further and you probably had at least one of these characters in your household…
In my case, I had a few Care Bears!


My sister had a Cabbage Patch doll… can you believe Cabbage Patch Dolls are celebrating 30 years!?

AND, I remember the librarian had Troll Pencil Toppers in her “secret prize room/closet”… :)


10. Remember Chinese Jacks (Jax) ?

These were all over the playground! Pretty fun game… and you could play by yourself if you had to which was nice to pass the time. (Thank you Stacie for reminding me of this awesome game!)
Color Spectrum Chinese Jacks

What do you remember from small kid time? Share with me in the comments below so we can walk down memory lane together (and I’ll add them to my list!). Life’s Swell… :)




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8 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Sage says

    Love this! So many memories!

    • Malika says

      We’ve played a few of these together!! We should do a game night one of these days where these are all of the games!! Miss you!

  2. Anonymous says

    I remember when Kal School banned POGs because there was a lot gambling. Too much!

    • Malika says

      OMG! Totally! I think a lot of schools banned it because of “gambling”… so funny!

  3. stacie says

    Chinese jacks! Those bunches of plastic rings were everywhere at school!

    • Malika says

      Totally!! I forgot about Chinese Jacks! Good one!

  4. Kathy says

    I have a POG collection in couple of folders probably worth a couple thousand dollars. A lot of them from HPD. Wish I can show you the collection.

    • Malika says

      How awesome Kathy! Definitely a blast from the past!