THROWBACK THURSDAY: Tahiti Vacation – The video is UP!



Yes, I’m a mom.


Mom = No time = Nothing gets done on time = Tahiti vacation 2 months ago = Posting now


In case you’re interested in my Tahiti Adventure – here are all of the related blogs I wrote that were actually posted at an appropriate time! ha ha… #mommyproblems

Tahiti Day 1: Farmers Market & Tama’ara

Tahiti Day 2: Recipe for Perfectly Burnt Rice

Tahiti Day 3: Swimming with sharks and rays

Foodie Friday: Poisson Cru in 7 Easy Steps 

Malika’s Minute: Secure that Pareo!

… Life’s Swell… ;)




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One Response

  1. Kathy says

    Fantastic video! It makes me want to go there!