Toddler Haircuts: 5 Tips to Keep them in the Chair



Toddler haircuts… oh the joy! Did you hear a hint of sarcasm in that sentence? With good reason! Anyone that has a toddler knows that haircuts can be a chore! Especially when you live in a hot climate and your child’s hair grows like a weed. That’s MY KID.




Jackson got his first haircut not too long after his first birthday. It was doable. He was a little wiggly but still quite entranced by his toys, books, milk and other gadgets we would bring along to distract him. Little by little it has been getting more difficult for him to keep still.




We don’t take him to a fancy place with a little airplane or race car for him to sit in – if anyone knows of such a place on Maui, do tell!… so instead we have to work at it and come prepared with a million distractions!




My Haircut Distraction List (In the order I offer things to baby)


1. Food / Drink – I bring milk, juice, water and a smoothie along with baby’s favorite snacks.


2. Books / Coloring Books – Bring books that baby hasn’t seen in a while and a new coloring book. Here are some of Jackson’s favorites! <Click on the image to find it online>


3. A hand towel and baby powder – If baby won’t put on the cape – baby powder on a towel works to get the hair off!


4. Toys – A favorite toy or a new toy. These usually wind up on the ground so that’s why it’s one of my last resorts.


5. iPad / iPhone / Movie, Show or Game – I hate using TV and smart devices to distract baby but sometimes you gotta  do what you gotta do. If it means baby will stay still so that sharp shears don’t accidentally poke him in the head – I’m for it!


High five! We did it!




PS – It’s doable alone – I’ve done it – but it is MUCH easier to attempt this when you have an extra person that is willing to hold your little one throughout the process. Thank you daddy!









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2 Responses

  1. Kay says

    Where do you take him to get his haircut on Maui? Any recommendations? What about dentists? Word of mouth is so important on such a small island! :) Thanks in advance!!

    • Malika says

      We go to a lady named Yvette here in Kihei at The Cutting Edge salon on Huku Li’i place. She is really great with kids and super understanding and she only charges $10! I usually give her $20 for all the trouble she goes through! lol