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To sustain ourselves during our intense 3-day shoot we had to make sure to fuel our bodies with onolicious (yummy) food! The two spots that ended up getting featured in our Travel Channel episode were Kahuku Superette and the Hawaiian Island X-treme Smoothies & Shave Ice truck. Let me tell you… after going on a helicopter tour, swimming with sharks and surfing (and before our dirt biking adventure) these two local haunts hit the spot! We were starving!


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I had not been to the Kahuku Superette in YEARS. All the locals know you gotta get there before the kids get out of school and swamp the place to buy candy. lol Back when I used to go here all the time, it was dark and dingy… the store shelves were SUPER high and cluttered… you felt like you might get in trouble there. It was a little scary! lol Then you went to the back and got your “cheap” poke bowl. Hot white rice and your choice of fresh poke. It was divine and a pretty cool experience.




In recent years, they’ve made improvements to the place. The owner (pictured above) got rid of the tall shelving, added more light and began to feature their freshly made seafood. I don’t want to complain about it, because I feel it’s awesome the owners are taking pride in their establishment and trying to change it for the better, BUT – I have to admit, the experience just isn’t the same! I really liked how “naughty” you felt for going in there plus, the prices are now way higher.


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Still, it tastes delicious… and like I said, no “real” complaints… for me, it just isn’t the SAME. The crew, loved it. They didn’t know any different. There are more choices now too. I snuck a couple bites off of the boys plates… yummy!


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The guys couldn’t wait to dig in and started grinding in the parking lot! And of course, taking the obligatory Instagram photo. ;)




We walked over to the Hawaiian Island X-treme Smoothie and Shave Ice truck and were greeted so warmly by the owner of the truck! He kept bringing us food! First, it was fresh coconut… my FAVORITE.




Then, li hing mui powder over pineapple… mmmm! Another favorite!




And of course, the obligatory shave ice. The smoothies were divine as well. By the end, the boys had to roll me out of there! Everything was so ono! Super happy that they got featured in the episode too. #supportlocal #buylocal


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