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Hey guys!


Jackson and I just completed the Bubble Run and I decided to blog about it since I felt there wasn’t a lot of information being shared on their Facebook or website providing specific details on what the race is like, what you need to bring, etc… So here it goes!
bubble run

    • The RACE COURSE is a 5K or about 3 MILES long.
    • It costs $20. Children under 5 are FREE but they don’t get a race packet. The website says that the price will go up to $50 on a certain date but that date changed every week and even yesterday you could buy tickets for $20. I think it may be more expensive if you buy them on site on race day.
    • Budget about AN HOUR to complete the race at a walking pace and providing time to play in the bubble bogs.
    • There is a bubble machine at the start and FOUR other BUBBLE BOGS along the race course. The first bog has “clear” bubbles, the second one has pink bubbles (which stain your white clothes pink), the third is blue and the fourth is green. Blue and green don’t stain your clothing as much. There is a bubble machine by the stage as well.

bubble run

    • You WILL get WET and STICKY. If you run through, you might just be a bit damp. If you are chasing children who don’t want to leave the bogs.. you will be soaking from head to toe… down to your underwear and your shoes! By the third bog my feet were literally squishing around in a pool of water in my shoes.
    • Your PACKET INCLUDES a race shirt, a headband, a temporary tattoo and your race bib along with four safety pins. We cut our shirts to make them more “comfortable” :)
    • Get there EARLY. The first wave starts at 8AM. They line you up in a giant line and release each wave a few minutes apart. So the earlier you arrive and get in line, the better. We arrived at 7:45 a.m. and had to wait in the line for almost an hour before we were released with what I’d say was the 10th wave or so of runners.
    • BRING TOWELS. At the end, the kids were freezing because they were absolutely soaked from head to toe – wet and soapy.

bubble run

    • If you have YOUNG CHILDREN consider bringing A STROLLER. You can carry the towels, extra change of clothes, jackets, sunscreen, water (although they do have water stations) and whatever else you need. Additionally, when your 5 year olds or younger get tired, you have a place to put them! We just parked the stroller outside of each bubble bog, went in with kids and grabbed the stroller afterwards. We did see a family with a bicycle for their child… that looked like a smart idea but I have no experience with it so can’t comment beyond that! lol
    • WHAT TO WEAR: They provide you with a shirt. Wear comfortable running /walking shorts, pants or leggings. Just know that they will get wet and probably pick up color if they are light in color. Don’t wear slippers because you will slip right out of them and that could be dangerous. I saw a bunch of people barefoot… not sure I would recommend that? Not sure if that’s “allowed”… I’d suggest wearing shoes that you don’t mind getting wet and dirty. Or, shoes that are made to get wet.
    • It helps to wear a COSTUME because then you can tell your group apart from other people. We had balloons on our heads and so it was easy to pick out everyone in our group when we regrouped after each bubble bog.
    • When you go into the bogs HOLD ONTO YOUR CHILDREN. The bogs were above my head in some spots (I’m 5’10″) so imagine your little ones… it was a little scary at times. LOL Just talk to them ahead of time and make sure they know to go in with you and hold your hand. You don’t want to lose your child in that stuff. When it gets in your face you can’t breathe properly. It also gets into the kiddos eyes. So I would bring GOGGLES for your little ones if they are sensitive to that sort of thing.

bubble run

  • Bring a GOPRO or LIFEPROOF case for your iPhone or Android. Again, it’s wet. Even with the Lifeproof case, I could barely operate my phone because the screen was wet and the touchscreen wasn’t working properly. A selfie stick is probably a good idea too. Makes it easier to get a good shot of you and your team with all of those bubbles!
  • They have a SWAG TENT at the start / finish line where you can buy knee-high socks, water bottles, bracelets, hats, shirts, goggles, headbands and more.
  • If you have any other QUESTIONS! Comment below. I’d be happy to try to answer them!
  • To find out when the next bubble run is click on this LINK. There are Bubble Runs across the country! The only Hawaii date they have left is March 5th in Kona. Honolulu’s race was last month.


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3 Responses

  1. Shelley Guerrero says

    Appreciate all the infor but would like more on the prices. I know early bird is $20, but I also heeard there are extra fees. Any help?

    • Susan says

      $8.44 in tax and processing fees based on $20.

    • Anonymous says

      There are $8.44 extra in tax and processing fees based on paying $20