What’s in YOUR Beach Bag?!




My beach bag essentials! I know it looks like a lot but this literally fits into my beach bag and comes with me EVERY TIME I go to the beach. You can never be too prepared! lol First up… beauty & health essentials (from left to right).




Beauty & Health Essentials


1. Protect & Hydrate Banana Boat Sunscreen in SPF 30 & 50 – My skin tans more easily from my thighs up so I use SPF50 there and SPF30 on my shins and calves. When I have it I’ll even put SPF70+ on my knees and elbows since they get really dark. It helps to even everything out. ha ha!


2. Vertra Sunscreen Stick SPF38 – For REALLY physical, long-lasting outings in the ocean. I have this in case I need to lend it someone or if it’s a race day or something like that - I don’t generally use this one since I’m so in love with my Shiseido stick, I lend the Vertra out because I can’t bear to share the Shiseido! lol A lot of men use this one.


3. Shiseido Face Sunscreen Stick SPF 37 - For every day use and / or a long day in the sun. Plus, it has great coverage and can act as “make-up” too. I get this in bulk!


4. Alba Kukui Nut Oil – To hydrate my dry skin after spending all day in the sun and ocean.



5. OFF Deep Woods Sportsmen Spray – For the times I stay at the beach until sunset.


6. Monoī oil - To quench my hair after a day in the sun. I apply when I get out of the water and wash my hair at home.


7. Burts Bees Replenishing Grapefruit Lip Balm – To quench my lips. My favorite flavor and I like how it feels.



8. A wide tooth comb in case I need it.


9. Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara – The best I’ve found to date. If you have a better one, tell me about it! If I stay out a long time and do a lot of underwater stuff this one can smudge around my eyes a bit.



10. Smart Brow - My go-to brow pencil/wand on and off the beach! Totally waterproof, goes on fast and easy, makes brows look natural and full. Love!





Waterwoman Essentials

1. Aqua Sphere swimming fins – got these to swim in the pool when I was pregnant but use them all the time in the ocean too! They’re small and light – love that.


2. Mask & snorkel – to explore the underwater creatures & reef and of course dive for shells.


3. Shell bag - for all of the lovely treasures I find on the beach and under the water.


4. Surfboard wax and comb – in case the surf is good!


5. Master combination storage lock – to hide the car keys in and lock to my car while I’m out in the water. Had my car stolen one too many times!


6. Reef walkers – to walk on the reef… lol and when it’s rocky or slippery too.

 ($17.96 – $24.99)

7. Roxy beach bag – Everyone must have a great, cute, stylish beach bag to stuff all your beach stuff into. I love Roxy.




Waterproof Tech essentials

1. LifeProof Case to protect my cell phone – I generally treat it like it’s water resistant not waterproof since LifeProof will only replace the case not the phone if it ends up being faulty (or more likely for me, user error lol)


2. GoPro with Orange Floaty and Accessories – Simply the best!

($399.99)($10.99)          ($89.99)

3. Sony Cybershot Camera & Accessories- I got this camera after I took a photo for a friend at a nightclub with it and the vibrant colors and sharpness of the image blew me away. When I found out it was also waterproof – I was sold! I get the warranty since I’m always dropping things. I’ve been through a few but this is definitely my camera of choice! It comes in pink too!

($198.99)            ($26.95)




Beach Bunny Essentials

1. Contiga Water Bottle – Never plastic! Stainless steel and keeps my water nice and cold.


2. Burberry Sunglasses – Goes from dawn to dusk and matches ALL of my outfits. I never leave home without them!


3. Havaianas Rubber Slippers – Awesome beach slipper that also looks really cute and dainty on your feet. I like the dark sole so that when  you stain them it isn’t as evident and the beige straps look great because they match my skin tone.

 ($14 +)

4. Chiffon Kimono Cover Up – My favorite is this Brandie Melville frock but there are a TON online and in stores right now since it’s the “in” thing at the moment.


5. Blacksheep Swimwear Surfer Bikini - Local girl, Tianne Yamashita, designed a suit that stays on for the active surfer girls. I love that I can switch out my straps to match my mood. I have this suit in blue and in black and swap out the straps all the time! Love! ($39.99)

6. Blacksheep Swimwear Faux Trucker Hat – The “faux” part is important! Traditional trucker hats are much too big for my little head, but this hat fits me perfectly. Plus, I love the message ;) <Limited production of hats – email Tianne to order by clicking HERE>



Other favorite bikini designers

1. Mikho Swimwear – Kelly Slater’s girlfriend, local girl, Kalani Miller designs these. I love that they are Brazilian cut and have a ton of beachy colors. My favorite is my orange crochet Mikho. I had to cut the straps in the back because they were WAY too long but now it’s perfect. It’s an expensive suit but you look like a million bucks when you wear it. :)


2. (Below) Pualani Bikini Tops – Local company based on Diamond Head. These tops are secure and come in tons of colors. As you can see, I kinda like them, I have three! My favorite bottoms are the Blacksheep Swimwear ones though… they don’t come off and they are the PERFECT size for girls like me that have some junk in the truck. ;)





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7 Responses

  1. Kathy says

    Aloha Malika! Where did you buy the lock for your key and where do you put it to make it safe?

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi Malika! Where did you buy the storage lock? Where do you lock it after you put the key in?

    • Malika says

      I got it on Amazon! If you click on the hyperlink it will take you directly to the item online :) I have racks so I lock it to my racks but you can also lock it to another part of your car (usually somewhere underneath) or wherever you’re at there are usually bike racks or something at the beach that you can lock it to. :) Hope that helps! let me know if you have any other questions! I can show you how it works if you like.

      • Kathy says

        Okay thanks. Let me try now.

        • Kathy says

          Hopefully they don’t steal your car. I’m going to order one.

          • Malika says

            ha ha! Well I’ve had that happen one too many times! The lock box is key to preventing that!

  3. Kathy says

    I had to watch your video twice cause I was too busy watching Jackson. He was trying to put sun tan lotion on anything but he got the idea what it was for. Very observant boy. Good stuffs in your bag. Got everything covered. I guess you must have a bag for Jackson covering everything.