Santa Shaves His Head for #TeamTrucker

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 3.37.34 PM

Today, I got an interesting request from a jolly old man. SANTA… as in Claus! Santa contacted me wanting to do something special for the Dukes family. A few days ago, Trucker’s mother, father, siblings and numerous family members and friends shaved…

Toddler vs. Christmas Tree

christmas 2014

Christmas is an exciting time for toddlers. All of the sparkly lights, decorations, presents and yes, the Christmas tree! Our 2-year-old has been fun to watch interacting with our tree…

Frank De Lima’s Filipino Christmas Song

frank de lima christmas song

In the spirit of Christmas I thought I would share with you that one time I was Frank De Lima’s back-up singer for his Filipino Christmas song. He does a Christmas show every year and came on Sunrise on Hawaii News Now to promote it. Steve Uyehara says it’s not the holidays without this song! lol

The Horror. A Centipede in My Sports Bra…


I’ll admit it. I’m very squeamish when it comes to bugs. If a kamikaze cockroach dive bombs at me, you will hear that scream all the way on Ni’ihau! Cockroaches, bees and maggots give me the creeps BUT it wasn’t until my first centipede that I learned what the saying “makes my skin crawl” truly means.