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The Maiden Voyage!

hobie cat maiden voyage

My hubby got us a Hobie Cat tandem sailing kayak catamaran boat – I’m not sure what to call it exactly lol – for my birthday. One of my New Year’s Resolutions for this year was to start new family traditions, so the gift was really the gift of a new tradition. So sweet, yeah?… Read More

A day in the life… Birthday Boy!


  He probably won’t remember it, but today was an AWESOME birthday. Jackson woke up early with tutu and grandpa and went to the Mana Farmer’s Market – he sat with the aunties and uncles and quietly ate and listened (grandparents do wonders). When he got back home, mom & dad were waiting for him… Read More

Setting up the “Big Boy” room


  It’s time. We’re in the middle of sleep training and other parents have been recommending a “big boy” bed for Jackson. Soooo we decided to dive in! I got rid of all of Jackson’s little baby toys, kept the ones that he plays with and moved his room around. Jackson is mildly obsessed with… Read More

Sleep Training: Days 2 – 5


  Remember the first day? “FIRST DAY OF SLEEP TRAINING: This is no joke!” Well, days 2-5 went pretty much the same way.   I think my son is unusually stubborn… (does every parent think that?)     We did “the routine” – I’ve been sticking to set nap and bed times – We’ve been… Read More

How to deal with a Playgroup Bully


  I’m crying right now. It seems really silly… I think my 2-year-old son just got “bullied” for the first time and somehow it’s not about him, but about ME.   I remember being bullied when I was a kid. For me, growing up in Hawaii, I was bullied because I was white – or… Read More

TRAVEL CHANNEL: How it came to be!


  Hey everyone! Earlier this month I was able to work with the Travel Channel on a show called “Top Ten Locals List” – it was such a blast! Soooo how did it all come about? A friend recommended me to the host who was choosing between a few people – something I did not… Read More

Surf on the Sidewalk – Hamboards are in Hawaii!


  I first saw Hamboards on “Shark Tank”… I’m a surfer so it definitely peaked my interest. Their story is so compelling… Pete Hamborg – “Dad” – is a firefighter in Huntington Beach. He has five sons who are all surfers – AND lifeguards. These guys save lives for a living and that’s awesome! Dad… Read More

On the Red Carpet! Season 5: Hawaii Five-0


  I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to not only cover stories about the Five-0 cast & crew but I’ve had the unique opportunity to be on the red carpet year after year (See Blog: Behind the Scenes of Hawaii Five-0)… I don’t take those experiences and opportunities for granted because I know… Read More

Over the years with HAWAII FIVE-0!


  I can hardly believe it’s already the fifth season of Hawaii Five-0! I was at the very first premiere working for Hawaii News Now … no one knew what to expect. Doing a red carpet premiere for a TV show is unusual and none of us had ever done one before! lol We were all designated… Read More

Snow Vacation in Canada!


  This was our first time doing a snow vacation with our little guy and we were nervous. International travel is hard enough but we were exposing him to cold weather, altitude and snow for the very first time. The plane ride actually isn’t too bad! Pretty much the same as a typical flight to… Read More