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TRAVEL CHANNEL: Tandem Surfing


Many of my favorite memories are from days I spent with my hanai big brother Brian Keaulana. Brian is a wealth of information when it comes to anything to do with the ocean. The first day I met him, he taught me how to standup paddle, canoe surf and tandem surf.

Waipuna Laaba Abigail Judd – What’s in a Name?


I lost my best friend, Sarah, several years ago. It was the worst day of my life having to say goodbye to her. Her memory lives on in my heart… I’ve always known that I wanted to pass on her energy, her essence, her joy… to one of my children in the form of a name.

Pink Blush Maternity – Malika’s Picks!


I love that there are pieces that go from casual to formal, day to night, summer to winter… AND because I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy, it was nice that they had wardrobe options for me that could go from pregnancy to nursing to postpartum.

Childbirth: Hospital Bag Checklist


Ah… the dreaded / exciting hospital bag checklist! If you’re packing your bag… that means you’re getting close!! So, congratulations! And, good luck! I’ve already been through this once before, and I’m scared. Just know…


gender reveal

My first child is a boy. But I thought he was going to be a girl. While pregnant, I had a VERY realistic dream about it and was CONVINCED. My best friend was so convinced by my certainty, she bought a mountain…

We’re Pregnant!

baby 2 ultrasound song

  So I’ve heard it time and time again… the middle children never get as much attention as the first. The novelty has worn off and parents have already “been there, done that.” I’m a first-born … so I wouldn’t know about that… ha ha! My husband, Kaimi, is the second child and he jokingly… Read More

Two Years of Marriage Bliss

wedding photo

  My relationship is perfectly imperfect.     On March 9, 2013 – I pretty much married myself! ha ha! My husband and I have very similar personalities. We are stubborn, hardheaded, bossy and ALWAYS think we are right. We are also very sensitive, deeply caring, generous and love with all of our hearts.  … Read More