Oahu’s Secret Spots


  This was one of my favorite assignments when I was working at the news. My boss told me he wanted me to go up in a helicopter… I’m afraid of heights so I was a little wary of the assignment. I accepted the “challenge” and headed to the airport with my photographer Brenton Awa… Read More

How I miss you…


  Instead of a eulogy, her best friends were asked to share about Sarah in photos and happy memories…   We were silly girls… always side by side… whispering and giggling. Twenty years of friendship… birthday parties, gymnastics, plays, May Day, proms, graduation… you name it. I don’t remember a time, when Sarah’s big bright… Read More

Jackson Surfs “The Cove”


  Jackson and I went surfing with Pénélope while she was here with us (she’s our French exchange student). It was a small day at “The Cove” – perfect for surfing with baby. It was just our third time out on my longboard together. For other surfer mamas out there – the water wings work… Read More

Splish-splash on “The Tub”


  I was recently invited to be on the “panel” for “The Tub” on Maui’s Akaku TV (apparently the highest rated show on the network!) … I’m down for pretty much anything so I accepted. Radio personality Larry John is the lead. He decides what everyone is going to talk about for that episode and… Read More

Removing PERMANENT MARKER from the skin


  My son drew all over his body in black permanent ink! At the time of the incident I was super busy. There were two hurricanes in the central Pacific and I had my “meteorology hat” on trying to get updates out as quickly as possible so people were informed about the tropical systems headed… Read More


PC: NOAA PHOTO LIBRARY - Fujiwhara effect on Ione and Kirsten in 1974 caused very erratic tracks.

  … with all of the storm activity in the East and Central Pacific lately, it’s a question I’ve gotten from A LOT of people over the last two weeks. More specifically, people have been asking if two hurricanes can merge to form a “super hurricane.” To answer this question I interviewed my personal weather guru,… Read More



  A photo of an ulua choking on a puffer fish has gone viral this week. I interviewed the family that helped bring it to shore and spoke to a marine biologist about the event for some insight. #uluaVSpuffer     It was a hot, sunny Sunday in Kihei. A couple of fishermen were out… Read More

Grandma’s Simple Chocolate Chestnut Rum Cake

Chestnut cake with Chocolate Frosting

  Here is the video recipe for Pénélope’s grandma’s chocolate chestnut cake – less than 5 minutes long! Easy recipe! Enjoy!!     INGREDIENTS: Chestnut cream (Crème de marrons) – 1 can (Most grocery stores in the US don’t sell this but you can get it on Amazon for $11.00 by clicking HERE – trust me,… Read More