Splish-splash on “The Tub”



I was recently invited to be on the “panel” for “The Tub” on Maui’s Akaku TV (apparently the highest rated show on the network!) … I’m down for pretty much anything so I accepted. Radio personality Larry John is the lead. He decides what everyone is going to talk about for that episode and he puts on his radio person “persona” which apparently is different (harsher) from his normal persona but I honestly couldn’t tell the difference – I thought he was a big teddy bear! lol



On my part, I was definitely a little punchy that night. You know, I had to pass initiation ;) It was really fun to meet everyone and talk story!


A couple things of note:


I have a terrible memory – totally didn’t remember meeting Larry before. My bad. Seriously the WORST memory of anyone I know. It’s embarrassing and totally works against me all the time! Argh. Can’t help it… gotta live with it.


Trish da Dish was wearing a piece I made! It was sooo cool to walk in and think to myself “that looks familiar.” lol I had donated a few jewelry items to the Carly Scott fundraiser and Trish was the one that won the item at auction! She said she wears it all the time! Seriously awesome. It’s a pendant that says love with a  puka shell I found on the north shore of Oahu and polynesian roping for the necklace.


Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 8.37.21 PM


Other topics I chatted about: Guy Hagi, Watching “Frozen” in French and My Stunt on “You May Not Kiss The Bride.”


It was super fun and I can’t wait to be invited back … if they’ll have me! ;) lol





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