The Hilarious Way I Met Uncle Rabbit Kekai


Fred Hemmings posted on Facebook today… “Just visited Rabbit. The sun is setting in his long life of aloha. How lucky we are to share it with him.” I was sad to see this post but also felt extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to make memories with the legendary Rabbit Kekai….

I love you Jimmy Borges! YOU are “Unforgettable” :)


I’ve been procrastinating… I’ve been thinking about him… I’ve been reflecting on his humility, his generosity, his kindness, his optimism, his glowing energy, his way of nurturing people… I’ve been thinking about cancer… about death… I’ve been sad, angry, upset and confused…

Failing is NOT Always Failure…

Image: Jeff Kewalo @unko_shots

  I’m pretty “heavy” and tall for a tandem surfing partner but I have a couple of friends who are willing to lift me! ha ha! Prior to getting pregnant, I could easily lift myself on their shoulders and even connect a few moves in the air as we surfed. This is a post I… Read More

Getting my Pre-Baby Body Back


Getting your body back isn’t just about “looking” good. Your body just went through this miraculous process of growing and birthing a human. It’s magical! I loved seeing my body grow…

Waipuna Laaba Abigail Judd – What’s in a Name?


I lost my best friend, Sarah, several years ago. It was the worst day of my life having to say goodbye to her. Her memory lives on in my heart… I’ve always known that I wanted to pass on her energy, her essence, her joy… to one of my children in the form of a name.