Failing is NOT Always Failure…

Image: Jeff Kewalo @unko_shots


I’m pretty “heavy” and tall for a tandem surfing partner but I have a couple of friends who are willing to lift me! ha ha! Prior to getting pregnant, I could easily lift myself on their shoulders and even connect a few moves in the air as we surfed. This is a post I wrote on Instagram when I was 3 months postpartum and had been attending my Pure Barre Maui classes for only one month. Click HERE for a link to my blog about getting my pre-baby body back. 




Well, it was quite an adventure this year at the Buffalo Big Board Surfing Classic. I still have a ways to go before I get “back to myself” physically. Sure, I’m 10-15 lbs heavier than before baby but I also feel weak… My arms and core gave out on me in our second heat at the surf meet.


Image: Jeff Kewalo @unko_shots

Image: Jeff Kewalo @unko_shots


I tried with all my might to lift myself (from the position you see below) – in vain. I could not stand up.


Image: Jeff Kewalo @unko_shots

Image: Jeff Kewalo @unko_shots


I’ve never FAILED so horribly at sticking a tandem move. It really hit me hard because this move in particular was the very first tandem move I ever learned. I knew it by heart. I could stick it EVERY TIME. But, not THIS time. I was really disappointed in myself. I felt heavy, weak and embarrassed. It didn’t help that a couple people actually asked me “how far along” I was in my pregnancy.


Image: Jeff Kewalo @unko_shots

Image: Jeff Kewalo @unko_shots


Then I realized I shouldn’t be embarrassed… I need to own it. My body might not be where I want it to be but if I change my thoughts and continue to persevere I will become stronger – both physically and mentally. I feel myself getting stronger with each Pure Barre Maui class and I just need to keep at it. Not give up.




In a lot of ways my tandem heats were an analogy for my life right now. In addition to the feelings above – I also was fearful. I was afraid of falling. Of not succeeding. I forgot to have fun. So now I will use this experience as an opportunity to move forward with a more positive attitude. I know I’ll be able to stand up again – both literally and figuratively. Mahalo to my tandem partner, Rico Leroy, for the wake up call to “Just have fun.”




** Mahalo Jeff Kewalo @unko_shots for capturing these images! At first, I was so embarrassed by them… but IT’S OKAY. Everyone fails. What matters is how you learn from that experience and move forward! **

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