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So I’ve heard it time and time again… the middle children never get as much attention as the first. The novelty has worn off and parents have already “been there, done that.” I’m a first-born … so I wouldn’t know about that… ha ha! My husband, Kaimi, is the second child and he jokingly complains about his non-existent baby book all the time. lol


As parents, we want to make sure that baby #2 is celebrated. We definitely already have that “been there, done that” feeling, but many things still feel new and exciting.


A few weeks back we watched a baby announcement on YouTube to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. It was adorable and it gave us an idea! We thought it would be really fun (since we are both singer/songwriters) to take a song, change the lyrics and perform it as our way of announcing – and celebrating – our new addition.


I was having trouble picking a song, so I texted my hanai big brother (and longtime radio DJ) Lanai, to ask for a suggestion. He wrote back right away - “The Adam Sandler song” – I thought it was perfect! In college I used to play guitar and sing. “Growing Old With You” was one of my jams. ha ha! I thought it was cute, funny – and it was short!


Kaimi and I sat down one evening after putting Jackson (our 2.5 year old) to bed – we did a simple re-write that we thought our family and friends might enjoy. I wanted to be funny so I put the “Honey, I lost track of my birth control” line in there, but Kaimi was concerned that people would think that was what actually happened – Anyone that knows me well, knows that EVERYTHING in my life is planned. LOL To appease Kaimi, I told him he could ad-lib saying something after that line. hee, hee…


When we finally picked the guitar up to sing for the first time – we both cried at the end. We are both huge cry babies. :)


We wanted to wait to make a video until the doctor gave the green light at our 3-month appointment – that was Monday. Everything looks great! Baby is an average and completely unremarkable 2 inches long (thank goodness!) and has moves like Jagger. I’m in for it when I can actually feel the kicks and bumps… I can’t wait! :)


We tried to get Jackson to participate in our video by having him play drums – he played so loudly we couldn’t hear the guitar, or each other! ha ha! Then, we tried to convince him he could sit on daddy’s lap and sing with us – but he cried through the entire song… not really the lasting memento we wanted to document for the second child. ;) Otherwise, Jackson has been slowly grasping the concept of a baby in mommy’s belly… he also thinks HE has a baby in HIS belly… and everyone else has a baby in their bellies (Watch out! Jackson lifts everyone’s shirt to check!). He gives my tummy kisses and knows the ultrasounds are photos of baby. We’re trying to teach him to be more gentle… (see video).


Back to the subject at hand – Kaimi put Jackson to bed while I wrote my weather and surf reports for MauiNOW and BigIslandNOW. Once Jackson was asleep we finally had some peace and quiet to sing, enjoy each other and focus all our attention on baby #2… here is the result :)



I wanna make you smile whenever you’re sick
Carry you around when your insides kick
All I wanna do is grow with you

I’ll need some loving care when my back aches
Lomi (massage) my feet when I need a break
Oh it could be so nice, growing with you

I’ll assist you
Kiss you
Hold you close when you are cold

I’ll need you
Lead you
Honey I lost track of my birth control

So this is the reason for our little song
Three will be four, it won’t be too long
A little boy or girl, grows in you…

I wanna grow with you





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