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Here is the packing list I whip out whenever I go on a trip. I’ve sent it to several friends upon request and thought I would share it with you as a starting point when you’re packing your bags for your next journey. I don’t always bring ALL of these things but I always print this list, highlight the things I’ll need and check them off as I pack them into my bags. Let me know what you would add to the list and I’ll add it! If you have any questions about why I pack certain things, leave your questions in the comments below and I’ll answer them for you. For example, I bring my marriage certificate because my last name is different from my husband’s. Links to the brands I use by clicking on the hyperlinks below :) 


Baby List  - CLICK HERE for a downloadable checklist that you can print out.

___ Documents (Baby’s birth certificate, social security card, passport, marriage certificate)

___ Swaddle / Sleepsack blanketthick or thin based on weather

___ Blankie, Stuffed Animal (whatever comfort item your baby has)

___ Pajamas

___ Diffuser (for essential oils)

___ Diapers (8/day – or buy when you arrive)

___ Wipes & Wipes Dispenser (one pack for diaper bag / one for suitcase)

___ Change of clothes (at least 2 / day – pack based on weather – layering is always good)

___ Baby Mittens

___ Baby Socks

___ Baby Shoes (soft sole for the flight)

___ Baby hat and/or beanie

___ Baby carrier (backpack, wrap & “kangaroo” soothe shirt)

___ Hair brush / comb / hair ties

___ Nail clippers or file

___ Baby lotion, shampoo, soap (toiletry items for bathing)

___ Toys, Teethers, Pacifiers

___ Diaper bag (Click here to see “What’s In My Diaper Bag?”)

___ Stroller (and car seat insert adapter)

___ Car seat base

___ Car Seat

___ Baby Food

___ Formula

___ Water Bottle (for formula, clean up spills, clean dirty hands, to hydrate, etc…)

___ Bottles / Sippy Cups

___ Bottle Cleaner Wand (big & mini) / Soap)

___ Ziplock Bags and/or Wet Bag (For soiled clothing, dirty diapers, liquids, wet items or just trash)

___ Monkey Mat (Click HERE for 10% off and free shipping with code: MMFAN)

___ Pack ‘n Play or portable crib or pop-up crib

___ Sheet(s) for the portable crib

___ Baby blanket

___ Burp cloths

___ Bibs

___ Swimsuit

___ Sunscreen (baby & adult)


Mommy List

___ Underwear

___ Nipple pads

___ Hooter hider (Nursing cover scarf - my favorite)

___ Vitamins / BC Pills

___ Toothbrush / Toiletries

___ Make up / Make up wipes / Hair ties / Chapstick

___ Purse / Wallet

___ Pen

___ I.D. / Passport

___ Phone

___ Computer

___ Camera / Memory cards / Extra battery / Tripod

­­­___ Breast pump / Pumping bra / Storage baggies / Batteries for the battery pack / bottles / nipples, etc…

___ Chargers

___ Voltage converter / adapter (for International travel)


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