A Judley Easter – 2016

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We had a wonderful Easter celebration at home with Waipuna and Jackson. I thought about going to an Easter Egg Hunt but didn’t really want to come home with all of that candy and junk.


Growing up, my parents always hid a chocolate bunny somewhere in our room. It’s a fond memory that I wanted to continue as a tradition in our family. Jackson doesn’t eat candy or chocolate (even his “ice cream” is homemade with yogurt, avocado, banana and kale) so we knew this would be a real treat for him.


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We helped the Easter Bunny hide all of the eggs and while Jackson ran around the house searching for them, I hid the “golden egg” in his room under his pillow with a couple of other presents.


He loved searching for the eggs (thank you Tutu and Grandpa for bringing the plastic eggs over along with his self-decorated blue Easter bucket!). First indoors, then outdoors, then back to his room. The video above says it all :) It was really fun to watch him run around and of course, the excitement and joy is what it’s all about!


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A few highlights? Well, Jackson is his mommy’s son… totally tripped over his own feet and slipped all of the eggs! ha ha! I thought it was really sweet that he shared his ONE chocolate (that’s right, the other eggs had freeze-dried snacks in them which Jackson decided he “don’t like this” so we ended up throwing out) with mommy. When daddy asks… well, you can watch the video. Three-year-olds I tell you!


Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 6.53.51 PM


I also love that you can’t pull a fast one on this kid! I put bunny ears on his sister and told him she was the Easter Bunny. He didn’t believe me for a second. ;)


I hope you had a great Easter! We sure did! Life’s Swell!




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