FOODIE FRIDAY: Mom’s Simple French Vinaigrette Dressing



French Vinaigrette Dressing


Mom taught me how to do this when I was a young girl. It’s the dressing I grew up with and made regularly throughout my life. To this day, it is still my FAVORITE dressing! It’s so versatile too! Use on caprese salad, green salad – any type of salad! I like to cook whole artichokes and use it as a dipping sauce. Enjoy!



Good olive oil –  “A L’Olivier” is my favorite


French Dijon mustard – AMORA or Maille (You can get Maille at Foodland) – Using American mustard does NOT workI know it seems expensive but a jar like the one below lasts FOREVER.


Red wine vinegar – French is best but any type works well


Salt & Pepper to taste
Put desired amount of mustard. Add the same amount of red wine vinegar and mix until smooth… taste it, if it’s too vinegary for you add more mustard and vice-versa. Whatever amount of mustard/vinegar mixture you have put double the amount of olive oil and mix until smooth. If it’s too strong for you, simply add more oil. Salt and pepper to taste.


Oh! And here is the dressing bottle “gadget”

For more links to my favorite kitchen gadgets click HERE.




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