Introducing Klutzerella – How I Got a Fat Lip



Doesn’t look good, does it? I mean it’s not terrible but boy does it hurt right now! Today I went surfing for the first time in a looooong time. In 2012, I was PREGNANT so I didn’t surf. In 2013 I had an infant so I had NO TIME to surf. In 2014, I’m exhausted and generally choose cleaning, making jewelry, running my business, writing, playing with Jackson, making dinner, going to keiki playgroup, swimming lessons, library, gymnastics, yoga… OVER getting some “me” time in the water.




Today is a new day! …and although I came super close to not going at all (my shark shield wasn’t charged)… I decided to slather the sunscreen on, slip into a bikini, wax my board, load my truck and drive the 2 minutes down to the beach. Jackson had a babysitter and mommy needed to soak her soul in salt water. The surf session was actually quite delightful. The weather was beautiful, there was a free surf camp out with a bunch of kids, tourists were learning to surf and just a couple other guys were waiting at the outside break to catch the sets. We took turns riding the waves – got about 10 in an hour, not bad! I still needed to get things done at home so I paddled in, washed my board off, loaded up and jogged around my truck to get in and take off up the road. THAT is when it happened. I was wearing a trucker hat and the board was right at my head level. I literally ran smack dab into my board at full speed. Mouth meets board = FAT LIP



My friends are all thinking – yup, that’s Malika! I’m a HUGE klutz. Trip over my own feet all the time. It’s ALWAYS embarrassing when I have a “klutzerella” moment but this one truly took the cake! I was parked right along the beach in front of where people lay out, swim and wash their boards off. I’m not sure if anyone actually saw it – I was WAY too embarrassed to look around but I did compose myself and filmed a short clip of the scene of the incident. lol … lesson learned. Or not. I’m pretty sure I was born with it.




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