Sunday Funday – Surfing & Waipuna’s First Dip in the Ocean

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We camped for the first time as a family of four! Jackson is almost 3.5… if you ask him, he’ll say he’s 4… and Waipuna is 4.5 months. We were invited to a friend’s birthday party at a home at Olowalu and told we could camp on the lawn if we wanted to. It was awesome. Great food, good company and it’s always nice to have a gorgeous beachfront home with a lovely restroom that you can use! ha ha! I guess I should call it “glam-ping”.


We slept in our tent under the stars… it was breathtaking. I REALLY missed having experiences like this! The next day, we got up with the kids and headed to Leoda’s for breakfast. I had the banana macadamia nut pancakes – yummy! All fueled up, the next thing on our list was to go surfing at Launiupoko. I said to Jackson “You don’t want to go surfing, do you?” And he started screaming at the top of his lungs… “I love surfing!” It was ADORABLE. Mommy was beaming with pride! (See video below)


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We got to the beach and I breastfed baby while Jackson and Kaimi played. We then swapped kids and I paddled out with my little buddy for our “mommy-son date” – the BEST kind of date! I love how excited Jackson is to get in the water and on the board! “Faster mommy! Here comes a big one! That one! That one!” We had a blast!


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When Jackson was all surfed out and wanted to play in the sand, I brought him back to shore. Kaimi was like “go surf!” … so I did. I had not surfed by myself in SO LONG. I forgot what it felt like to meditate on the ocean… let the ripples lap at my legs… feel the rush of a take off and subsequent satisfaction of gliding over water… IT WAS DIVINE.


I tend to lose track of time when I’m surfing, so I snapped myself out of my reverie and paddled in to check on the kids and Kaimi. He had it under control and told me to “enjoy it”… gosh, I love my hubby! I paddled back out for a couple more rides.


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Waipuna was napping in the shade and Jackson was bodyboarding in the shorebreak when I got back to shore. We decided it would be fun to introduce her to the ocean. Jackson went into the ocean at 2 months – and LOVED it. Didn’t even cry when he dunked him under the freezing cold water. It would be interesting to see Waipuna’s reaction!


We got in the water and she didn’t have much of a reaction… we played around on mommy’s longboard for a little while and then just floated together for a few minutes. Jackson jumped on for a photo and to hold his baby sister (he loves holding her)… then we got ready for the first dunk! In swimming lessons with Jackson, they taught us to blow in baby’s face before putting them under. So I counted… 1, 2, 3 and blew in her face. I put her under for a second and when she came up she was not happy. Oh no! I hope I didn’t traumatize her! We floated and “swam” in the water for a few more minutes until she calmed down and then called it a day.


It was a GREAT day! Here’s the video to prove it! Enjoy! Life’s Swell!






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