“Cake Smash” Success: The Checklist You Need

cake smash


So for this one I need to give a shout out to my girl Nalani Garza. She posted her ‘cake smash’ photos of her son and I basically copied her but used PINK instead. lol Check out her blog HERE.


cake smash




To start, I found inspiration on Nalani’s Instagram and then checked out Pinterest for some additional ideas. I use a letter board that I bought on Amazon for Waipuna’s monthly milestone photos and completed it like I usually would. I bought all of my props. Then got “back-up props” – just in case the first batch didn’t work out. Originally, I wanted Wai to wear her lei po’o (flower crown) but she had different ideas. I knew she might pull it off so I also brought a couple different tiara’s, a crown and a little mini tiara that just clipped into her hair. That was the WINNER. She couldn’t feel it, or see it – perfect. If she doesn’t know it’s there, she doesn’t think to pull it off!! lol


cake smash


I bought two cakes. One was larger and for eating. It was a haupia cake we bought at Costco. The other was smaller and very pretty. I got it at Wholefoods and asked for the cheapest, simplest cake and had them use the “healthiest” icing they had. (That’s an oxymoron! ha ha!) They were the one’s that suggested the ombre pink… LOVE.


cake smash


When it comes to the photos themselves, I wish I had taken the letter board out for some of the photos. I didn’t even think about the fact that I might want some with and some without it. Oh well. The letter board was great and served it’s purpose – but you can also use it for a different purpose – maybe write out your favorite saying perhaps? I kinda wish I’d thought of doing that too. :)


cake smash


We also brought a newborn photo of Wai (the only one I printed – just took it right off the wall!) – I used the photo as decoration for the check-in / gift table and then we got a “before and after” type of shot. Super cute! But, I wish I had thought of this sooner because I might have printed a different photo to use for this purpose.


cake smash


I would highly suggest after you get your shots of baby destroying the cake, let the older sibling(s) in on it. It was super cute and I loved how they interacted. It was also a lot of fun to see Jackson’s friends get in on the action. Just be prepared for the clean up!!


cake smash


Instead of a blanket or pretty mat… I decided to go with a plastic table cloth. I’m as eco-friendly as the next mama but sometimes you just gotta go with what is EASY and CHEAP. Benefits: Easy clean up, Uniform in color (makes for a good backdrop), costs about $2 / Pitfall: If there is wind, it will flap. And, baby will also move it as she/he crawls and moves around. Soooooo, you will need tent pegs to hold the edges down.


cake smash


So now let’s get into the good stuff… props! There are three parts to the cake smash: (1) Attire, (2) Set up, and (3) Documentation… here we go! I’ll list what we used and give you links (or just click on the image) for finding these items online or getting in touch with the vendor.



Bikini: Kimi & Li Bikini


cake smash


Tutu: Homemade (Blog: Tutu-orial – How to Make a Super Cute “No Sew” Tutu)




Lei po’o: Petit Soleil Maui but I also love Haku Leis Maui (both are Maui mommies with small businesses)




Lei po’o in the cake smash photos was made by my sister Melanie Dudley


cake smash


Tiara options (click on images for links to the product on Amazon)



Set up

Apple box



Table cloth





Letter Board (comes with letters)



Letters (if you need more letters, I did.)



Slate Serving Platter



Cake (Got it from WholeFoods)


cake smash


Candle / Cake Toppers



Tent Pegs









Toy that jingles (saved us!)





Clean up towel / Baby Wipes (for clean up)


Canvas Photo of baby as newborn





Photographer: Tenessa Cavitt - Rolling Lion Pictures (click on hyperlink)
Videographer: Chris CabotageCKCinema (click on hyperlink)

**Have a friend capture images with your cell phone too.**


Hope these tips, tricks, ideas and links help to inspire you for your baby’s cake smash extravaganza! Happy smashing!! Here is the video of our baby lū’au and the cake smash. Enjoy :)



Here’s another blog where I talk about the party itself: Baby Lū’au Timeline, Materials, Ideas


And finally, here’s the blog where I talk about how the day went and what happened at Waipuna’s baby lū’au. Click here to read the blog about Waipuna’s PERFECT Baby Lū’au





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