Mommy Monday: Goodbye infant crib!


My son is a monkey! He climbs EVERYTHING. It started with climbing from the couch over to his high chair. Which totally freaked me out. I turned away for a split second and he’s on his tray table!




Then it was his musical table… at least this one wasn’t as dangerous or as high… and look at his face! Whenever I catch him in the act he puts this “I’m a naughty boy” smirk on his face. So kolohe this one!!




He graduated to climbing into shelving…




… and on top of tables. The kitchen table really freaks me out because he doesn’t usually just sit like he is in this shot. He likes to throw everything that’s on the table onto the floor and then he dances around like a maniac! We try not to overreact because he likes to get a rise out of us but at the same time it freaks me out that he could fall from that height. Usually we tell him to “get down” and he smirks and then gets down (while saying “get down” over and over)… lol




This one really caught me by surprise. I was cleaning his tray and when I turned around not only was he sitting in his high chair (which was in the middle of the room!) he was strapped in! lol




The kicker is the barstool. It’s a good 3 feet off of the ground and somehow he managed to not only climb it but stand on top of the stool in the middle of a room! Needless to say, we immediately retired the barstools to the garage.




Soooo, it wasn’t that big of a surprise when he climbed out of his crib. The mattress has always been on the lowest setting. We’re tall so reaching in didn’t bother us and we figured might as well put it on the lowest setting so we don’t have to make any additional adjustments. We have an amazing wifi camera pointed at Jackson’s crib. It’s the Lorex LNC104 LIVE Ping Wireless Monitoring Camera which has an app that you can use on your phone, tablet and computer. There’s a log in so that you can have access from anywhere in the world (my parents watch Jackson from France, tutu & grandpa watch him from the island of Hawaii and my sister & brother watch him from the west coast). When I’m on vacation I love watching my son sleep :) Likewise, for when my husband is out of town. The app allows me to take still shots and shoot video too! I love it! Would recommend it to anyone! Check out the video I captured of Jackson’s major milestones!



Anyhooo, back to the subject at hand – he climbed out of the crib!! My sister was visiting and we could hear Jackson but we couldn’t see him on the baby cam… then I heard him knocking on his door and pulling at the handle! It seemed absolutely crazy. I didn’t hear him fall so that was a relief! The video shows that he was in control of his climb and though he teetered at the top he got down safely. We immediately took that rail off of the bed and have been struggling to get Jackson to go to bed ever since. We used to put him in awake and he would just go to sleep but the allure of being able to get out on his own is too much for him. He just won’t stay in bed (unless we put him in there while he is already sleeping). BUT, today the coolest thing happened!! I put him in bed and closed the door. He cried for one minute, played with his toys and then… he climbed into bed and fell asleep. Mommy is on cloud 9!! … well, other than the tornado that went through his room as he was unattended and trying to “fall asleep.” I can only hope that we can keep this up!






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  1. Kathy says

    A milestone with Jackson! Many more to come! Are you having more children?